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by Sohayla Smith - “Quizas”

Review by Anthony Nguyen

With a delightfully bright and charismatic groove, Sohayla Smith delivers on one of the most uplifting songs of the year. The acoustic guitar is nice and warm, and serves as the harmonic glue of the song. The electric guitar fills in the spaces of the song nicely, allowing it to maintain interest throughout.

The cajon provides the rhythmic foundation of the song, and the player does a fantastic job providing energy while still maintaining a steady rhythm. All of the instruments play off together extremely well, a nod to the exceptional musicianship displayed by the performers. Smith’s vocals are simply amazing. Wonderfully whimsical they are a delight to listen to, and infectiously upbeat.

The intro and first verse are pretty bare, but this is done in order to make sure the song is always building in energy. By the time the first chorus comes in everything really expands. The song is arranged very well. The electric guitar for example is only introduced in the second verse, allowing it to differentiate itself from the verse while still building energy.

Catchy vocal lines from and riffs from the guitar also help maintain interest. There is a small acoustic guitar breakdown that serves as a fantastic palate cleanser before going into a enthusiastic last chorus.

This song is simple and honest love song, and that serves as the foundation for its inspiration. I see you in my dreams at night, I remember you, my love.” Pure in its intention, this lyric does a perfect job portraying the theme of the song. The lyric writing in combination with the bright and cheery mood of the piece are all marks of an experienced production. “Quizas” by Sohayla Smith is an absolute delight with fantastic playing from the musicians and a stellar, cheery atmosphere.

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About Sohayla Smith

Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Sohayla Smith, won Best Latin Song, Spring 2021, and Best Singer Songwriter, Fall 2020, in the Clouzine International Music Awards. She released two Latin indie-pop hits in 2020, Quizás and Ojalá - both were widely received by over 11 thousand Spanish speaking fans around the world. The songs feature a tiny taste of her love of flamenco, a passion she fosters diligently. She also released her first full length English album in 2020, I’ll Be the Meteor, with many more albums to follow. Sohayla has opened for Jim Cuddy, Irish Mythen, Woody Woodburn, and more. Her tours include the Canadian East Coast in 2019, and Manhattan and New York in 2018. Sohayla also won Best Country Recording in the 2018 Clouzine International Music Awards.



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