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Burnadagod-Kamasutra feat Sunset Black - 'Kamasutra'

Review by Abby Kenna

Sunset Black’s new song, “Kamasutra”, is full of atmosphere and night-out energy from the first note. It starts off with an atmospheric synth, plucking out notes to create a sense of ambience. The muted synth is dark and somewhat indicative of the way the song will build.

These echoing, reverb-laden sounds fill the track with fluidity, which are then starkly contrasted by Sunset Black’s natural vocals. Rhythmic and punctuated, the vocals sit at the front of the mix, grabbing attention as listeners experience every consonant and nuance of his words. The blunt rap flow supports the confident message:

“I go where he can’t go… stop acting like an angel.”

With this established dichotomy of soft synths and pointed vocals, other instrumental parts begin to layer in. Resonant melodies ring out in the high end, playing bell-like notes that fill the vast soundscape. On the subtler side, call-and-response vocals double certain lines. Finally, grounding the arrangement is a crisp trap drum beat, rounding out the multitude of complimentary sounds.

As “Kamasutra” continues, these instrumental parts cleverly ebb and flow. Some sections are full of every sound, while others maintain space, pulling out the high hat and synths to accentuate the lyrics. By doing so, Sunset Black allows the song to continuously build in intensity.

“Through the grapevine, heard that I laid the smackdown…”

Sunset Black’s “Kamasutra” is the ultimate night-out anthem full of confident energy and sizzling passion.


About Sunset Black

Sunset Black is a multi Genre recording artists from South Carolina his music Includes Hip Hop, Pop Punk & County Rap



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