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Bunny Blake – ‘VIP Death Squad’

Review By Matt Wong & Staff

“VIP Death Squad” begins with a synth patch playing a line in whole notes with a snare hitting on the back beats. Blake’s provocative and pristine vocals enter on the first verse along with a hard hitting four on the floor kick that listeners will be able feel in their chests.

The verse gradually grows in intensity through additive orchestration, capturing listeners’ attention through a variety of engaging sounds and textures. The kick drops out in the pre-chorus for a big impact. From the start, this song is loaded with groove and punch.

The vocal processing on the chorus is creative, and the tight groove will get listeners rocking out to the music. The second verse is well developed in the arrangement through new sonic elements, as well the introduction of background vocals. The song goes through the form once again, followed by a tasteful instrumental solo, and then wrapping up with a slightly scaled back chorus, which gives a sense of conclusion to listeners.

The lyrics in “VIP Death Squad” are interesting and meaningful. While remaining accessible, the lyrics are thought provoking. A stand out lyric in the song is “Ain’t no VIPs on the other side.” Blake goes on to talk about "sins committed in the good old times." The song explores money, fame, and shame and the idea that in the end, the rise up the ladder may not be worth the game.

“VIP Death Squad” by Bunny Blake is a masterpiece of songwriting and performance in pop music. Blake’s vocals are hypnotic; listeners will be pulled into the track through her sheer vocal talent. Combined with an intelligent arrangement, this song is truly an example of fantastic music making.

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About Bunny Blake

Bunny Blake is a public figure, an old soul trapped in the body of a 20 something. Influenced by the vocals of Mariah Carey and Mary J Blige with the guitar styling of James Taylor and John Mayer, Bunny’s genre can be best described as pop/r&b with soulful, finger style guitar. Her name is inspired by The Twilight Zone, mirroring her many dimensions as an artist.

One can learn the most about Bunny through her songwriting. Striking a balance between Cutesy and Sexy, Sweet and Sassy, each song expresses a different dimension of femininity. Bunny leaves little to the imagination. Her song “$$$” speaks candidly to the reality of being a full-time musician while “Pisces” and “Dominos” appeal to her more playful side. “Good Intentions” is perhaps her most emotionally honest work about the value of transparency in a relationship.

In a past life, Bunny has traveled the world with her music as Lindsey Saunders. From receiving a Gibson Les Paul from a kind stranger at the Pinetop Music festival in Arizona, to meeting one of the infamous members of the Beach Boys in the Airport after playing the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival, she’s always sure to travel with a bit of whimsy in her back pocket.

When attending Bunny’s live show, it doesn’t take long to see why she claims it was the guitar that chose her - not the other way around. Bunny’s unconventional chord crafting has earned her a Taylor Guitar Artist Partnership with notable performances at events such as the Sundance Film Festival, Boulder International Film Festival, Durango Songwriters Expo, SXSW and CMJ Music Marathon. Bunny has received many accolades for her work being noted as a musician whose artistry and poise as a songwriter, guitarist, and vocalist demands to be both seen and heard.


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