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  • Bryon Harris

Buckeye Road – ‘Ghost Town’

Music Review By Matt Wong & Staff

“Ghost Town” is a folk/rock song by Guy Jaquier and Steve D. Wilson, aka Buckeye Road. The song begins by swelling in, and starts off rubato. Before the groove begins, Buckeye Road paints a sonic picture with elements such as an electric guitar melody, acoustic guitar riffs and harmonics, and cymbal work. This serene sonic picture continues for a few more bars once the drums enter with the groove, and Jaquier’s vocals come in with the first verse. The arrangement perfectly complements the melody, and frames Jaquier’s vocals

When it comes to composition, sometimes simplicity is best as it allows the music to breath with room for expression and nuance. The musicianship on this track is both simple and sophisticated. From the tasty licks to the solid groove, and the excellent use of dynamics - Buckeye Road is a standout. The slide guitar work, especially the solo, will enamor all listeners.

The lyrics behind “Ghost Town” were inspired by the ghost towns near Telluride, Colorado. In “Ghost Town,” Buckeye Road sings about “back streets and alleys, wrapped in the dark.” In addition, there is “no life here anymore. Bars on the windows, locks on the door.” When listening to the song’s lyrics, listeners should be able to picture themselves hiking through a ghost town themselves while also feeling the emptiness of a broken heart. The writing is poetic as the words paint a picture of dust and bones drawing the listener into the emotion, musically and visually.

I’ve got a ghost town for a heart. Nothing to steal, but always on guard. I’ve got a ghost town for a heart. Weathered and worn, covered in scars.

“Ghost Town” by Buckeye Road is a beautifully written, arranged, and performed song. It is the definition of a perfect song. It has a solid groove, a fantastic vocal performance, and an arrangement that continually piques the listener’s interest. The talent in Buckeye Road is unquestionable, and they are a songwriting force to be reckoned with.

Listen to Ghost Town on Spotify.


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