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Bryan Joon - 'Frozen'

BWH Music Group’s 'Keepin' It Country, Vol. One,' by Various Artists contains an eclectic mix of 17 songs by today's best independent Country artists and songwriters. With great storytelling and heart-felt performances at the core of each song, the album spans traditional and contemporary Country music. Off the compilation, Bryan Joon’s song "Frozen" will melt your heart.

“Frozen” starts with a piano introduction that could have been written by Billy Joel or Elton John because it’s immediately catchy and highly memorable. Strong songwriting craftsmanship breaks through the ice in "Frozen." As the piano perks up your ears with it's soulful melody, Bryan enters singing with warmth. “My heart walked two steps forward. My head told me to retreat. I look around and see no one. I realize I'm alone on an empty street.”

Bryan Joon has a rare vocal talent. His voice is very impressive as he sings rich low notes and soars with ease in higher registers. He is a baritone and a tenor at once - for those of you who don't follow vocal training, simply put - Bryan Joon has an amazing range. His voice is warm, full-bodied and rich. His range, however, is so much more than just notes on a scale - Bryan has an undeniable expressive quality that comes from the heart and conveys the feelings behind every word he sings. Bryan Joon can easily stand toe-to-toe with today's charting country-pop singers. And more so, he brings a unique R & B flavor to the mix that is completely refreshing.

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You can hear the pain of heartbreak through each emotive phrase as he steadily builds towards the chorus. Throughout “Frozen,” Bryan explores themes of denial and heartbreak, love and loss, and ultimately the need to move and let go. It is a story about the way time stands still when you feel hurt and betrayed. The track sports a unique country-gospel favor that will easily become one of your favorite cross-over of genres.

In “Frozen” Bryan Joon stands out as one of today’s best, young independent vocalists and songwriters. His music has mass appeal and the ability to cross-over genres and appeal to fans of country, pop, R & B and adult contemporary. "Frozen" could certainly heat up the charts with it's soulful, warm performance and Bryan Joon's voice can take him to the top of all those charts. 'Keepin' It Country, Vol. One' is available on all major digital outlets. For more information about the album and artists, visit BWH Music Group.


About Bryan Joon

Bryan Joon is a dynamic singer-songwriter whose repertoire spans country, r&b, soul, pop, and blues. Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Bryan immigrated to Connecticut when he was six months old. From a young age, he studied music theory and voice. After high school, Bryan moved to New York City to study with the best trainers and vocal coaches.  On his birthday, February 24th, Bryan released his self-titled debut album (2018). The album explores love and loss in a variety of genres including the sensual club banger, "Pretend,  the dance r&b track "Name," and the heartbreak country-pop ballad "Frozen." Bryan Joon performs in New York where he has headlined at SOBs, Highline Ballroom, and Ashford & Simpson's Sugar Bar.  Bryan Joon is a December 2016 Winner of the Coast2Coast Connections Edition.

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