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Brooke Reuss - 'Sawyer's Song'

Melbourne born singer/songwriter Brooke Reuss pushes the boundaries of traditional pop music with unique songs that explore political change, social commentary and personal trials and triumphs. Brooke's voice has been hailed as "a messenger that goes straight to the heart" as her clear and powerful voice delivers each song's emotion and experience. Brooke's forthcoming debut EP features songs which share her experiences and the events that have affected her life. The EP includes a collaboration with Australian Idol winner Damien Leith on the stunning protest song - "Sometimes." Another stand-out song is "Sawyer's Song" which is about a brave young boy who had cancer.

A moving piano sets the stage for Brooke Reuss' "Sawyer's Song." A delicate guitar glides in playing soft, gentle fills. The track builds through the first verse, blooming with emotional ambience and deep bass that creates a slow and steady pulse, like a beating heart. From beginning to end, the song's phrasing swells and subsides to the touching lyrics until it quietly fades.

Brooke enters on the first verse singing,"You took away his movement, you couldn't make him blind. You couldn't take away the love, that always shined." Listeners are immediately struck by Brooke's vocal entrance as she presents a beautiful, pristine and clear tone. Brooke sings the verses with a tenderness that pulls the heart strings and brings tears to your eyes.

The chorus is heartfelt and very memorable. It's hard not to tear up as Brooke opens a flood gate of emotion with her powerful and expressive voice.

"He is an angel, Amazing. If you could see him now. With every heart beat, Listen, And you can hear the sound."

As the song moves forward, a male vocal backup is added to the chorus, adding to the song's rich texture. In the seamless bridge section, Brooke sings about what cancer has put this child through and how he still smiles. "I can't believe, when I see, the pain on his face. Still a perfect smile."

Ultimately, "Sawyer's Song" is about opening your heart and soul to the beauty of life and this little boy's spirit, during the trials of cancer, reminds us all how to live.

Brooke Reuss is a talented and songwriter and singer. "Sawyer's Song" is a very well-composed and beautifully performed. With a lovely arrangement comprised mainly of piano and delicate guitar, along with Brooke's polished and expressive vocal delivery, "Sawyer's Song" tenderly reminds us how precious life is.

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