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Brighton Strangler - 'Let's Party'

Written by Reviewer Victoria Scott & Staff

“Let’s Party” by Brighton Strangler from the band’s album Dancing Outrageous grabs you from the start with a hyped party beat. Bass player Mikey Skinner comes in with a sick groove introducing the song’s cosmic sync. Matthew Hanson Kahn's blustering vocals arrive with metal guitar by Nick Goodson as the drum beat, played by Steve Tinson’s, keeps the groove. The keyboardist, Robert Dickinson adds heavy rock chords that keep the foundation strong.

Brighton Strangler's "Let's Party" is a party song that dominates and infiltrates the soul with intense energy.

“It’s got a real good vibe, It makes us feel alive, We got a cool thing going, That’s what the boys are showing, No one get’s in our way, We party night and day, We’re going to play for you, because that’s what we do.”

This is like the band's theme song. They’re introducing themselves to the world as musical party animals that love to to perform and play for a crowd.

“Let’s Party” with its animal band vibes and freestyle intensity gets your body pumping. Matthew’s lyrics emulate the emotions and adrenaline you feel when you’re ready to let loose and have a good time. The screaming in the vocals and the high guitar range represent the explosive need to break free. Brighton Strangler has a dirty, edgy rock vibe that translates well through their instrumentation. The band's performance is filled with liberation.

About Brighton Strangler

Brighton Strangler are a five piece band influenced by distant memories of the Gang of Four and the Buzzcocks.As the story goes, lead singer Matthew decided to form a band after his singing was dissed at a party. He recruited Nick, Tim and Robert none of whom had played in bands before and started they started rehearsing.

Four years later, the band picked up veteran bassist Mikey. After losing their first drummer to tinnitus, Brighton Strangler arrived at their current line up of Matthew, Nick, Robert, Mikey and Steve. Despite their late start they are making up for lost time and the band's energetic and committed live performances are gaining them a following. The release of Dancing Outrageous brings their old punk energy to a new audience.

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