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  • Bryon Harris

Brian Cooney - "Let You In"

Review by Abby Kenna

“Let You In” by Brian Cooney is a vividly dynamic fusion of captivating melodies and synth textures. With a disco flair and colorful lyricism, this song is bound to energize and delight listeners.

Opening with punchy, driving drums, “Let You In” is danceable from the moment you hit play. A funky synth comps over the lively percussion, cutting through the mix energetically with its split panning and bold attack. An additional, glittery synth ad-libs as it floats over the accompaniment, contrasting the pointed instruments. The lead vocals join the mix with an earworm of a melody, perfectly paired with an upper harmony that adds a striking element of dissonance. Cooney is articulate and vivid in both his lyricism and vocal delivery, adding to the rhythmic complexity of “Let You In”. He furthers this use of imagery by cueing a rattlesnake sound effect in a clever moment of prosody as he sings:

“Picking up camp moving these stakes

Out on the rock when everything shakes.”

Pulling back from the driving disco comping of the synths and drums in the verse, the chorus builds tension as we take an unexpected pause from the lively energy. The second chorus capitalizes on this tension even further, adding in a rhythmic synthesizer that launches us into the spirited bridge.

Introducing a distorted guitar wailing away on a new riff, the bridge opens boldly until it’s brought immediately down to a fervent whisper. Repetitive vocals echo each other from opposite sides of the mix, with radio effects adding another layer of texture to the wide dynamic range of “Let You In”. Finally, the powerful guitar riff and driving drums pile back in, as the song ends energetically repeating the hook, “Dance in the Holy Ghost”.

“Let You In” is a lively, celebratory song with punchy synths and catchy melodies reminiscent of 70s disco. Brian Cooney’s vivid lyricism and driving instrumentals will leave you energized and itching to dance to his new single, “Let You In”.


About Brian Cooney

My background is somewhat diverse. I have a BA from Berklee College of Music and have played in several bands in Boston and beyond before moving to Nashville. I’ve been writing and performing sacred and cross-over music for the last 3 decades, been a worship pastor for 17 years, and toured the US and Canada ministering through worship concerts and seminars. Music is the universal language and my desire is to connect people with the hope and encouragement that I and many have found in knowing Jesus.

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