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Brian Berggoetz – "Wildflower"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Wildflower” is an emotional and intriguing piece of music. The melody is gripping, while backup vocals and violin fill add a perfect texture to the music. The song carries a well-recorded acoustic guitar and an expertly delivered vocal performance. Flute and violin features give the record a nice dimension. The smooth marriage of melody and harmony is powerful. This music is simultaneously familiar and unique.

Lyrically, “Wildflower” is a powerfully poetic love song.

“She’s dancing with the wind, She holds her whole world within, she’ll always set you free.”

The earnest vocal delivery injects these lyrics with mystical meaning.

“She grows inside of me like a Wildflower…She’s so free.” All elements of this song converge to paint a vividly beautiful picture.

The arrangement of “Wildflower” demonstrates subtle mastery. The song gradually introduces elements that keep it fresh from beginning to end. The backup vocals in the first chorus are exciting, while the introduction of the violin adds still more depth. The flute is introduced beautifully, and a flute and violin feature offers an expected treat to listeners. The flow from verse to chorus is expertly done in this extremely well-written song. If you enjoy quality in your music, look no further than “Wildflower.”


About Brian Berggoetz

Since the early start of the pandemic, Brian began a new relationship with a woman that has inspired him to write new songs, many of which are somewhat on the softer side than to what the band ordinarily plays. As such, he has simultaneously formed a second band as a solo project with the addition of a violinist which captures the essence of its thick, dreamy sound that veers more towards an Americana style of music. This project has just produced and released its first CD in April of this year, and the reviews so far have been overwhelming. The CD is comprised of eleven original songs in addition to Brian’s rendition of the cover song Purple Haze.

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