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  • Bryon Harris

Brian Berggoetz Band - 'It’s Gonna Rain'

Review by Vai Thomas & Staff

One of the understated characteristics of rock music is its ability to be simultaneously tenacious and yet virtuosic. Indeed, there are several reasons why classical musicians, even beyond their student days, feel a pull towards that which might invite a forbidding frown from their respective music teachers! Not only is rock heavily based on technical mastery, but also on it's level of nonchalant fieriness and swag – an utter requisite, both visually and aurally – it is something to behold! These traits, and more, are found in droves in Arizona-based Brian Berggoetz Band’s hard-hitting, euphoric hard-rock number, titled ‘It’s Gonna Rain’, spearheaded by singer-songwriter Brian Berggoetz. Hard rock, today, seems a relatively less composed-in genre, in both the indie and the mainstream realms. Part of the reason for that lies in achieving the afore-mentioned balance between tenacity and virtuosity in the age of the Digital Audio Workstation. And yet through a back-to-basic approach, combined with an immensely well-jotted lyrical theme conveyed via majestically raspy vocals, and propped up by the bandmates, each possessing a profound technical mastery at his respective craft, ‘It’s Gonna Rain’ carves out a superlatively fiery and memorable number which is simultaneously insightful and catchy.

Written in the key of E-minor, and propelled by the 1-3-1 counterpointe riffs, and spearheaded by delightfully aggressive vocals by Berggoetz himself, the lyrical themes revolving around loneliness and longing are rendered in a gratifyingly blazing fashion, thanks no less to its signature II – IIb – I power chord structure that renders the number with a sense of vivacious rage that is at once delightful and memorable. The lyrics themselves are expertly penned in typical rock fashion. Lines such as ‘When you're not the right type for her and you're not the hero she thought you were and there's tears she cries when you’re not around...’ when mixed with a certain nonchalant virtuousity and swag, undoubtedly constitute a truly effect recipe at crafting a highly memorable rock number. Berggoetz’s powerfully dynamic, roots-infused, and raspy vocals is what amalgamates all the traits of above, turning a truly good song into a great one. And special praise must be reserved for the lead guitarist Billy Yates who, with his virtuosic interludes and improvisations, contributes greatly towards the magnificence of the number.

At nearly five minutes in length, ‘It’s Gonna Rain’ is a true winner in its own right, showing us that hard rock is still alive and well. A few who might have commented upon hard rock dying a slow death might very well change their minds upon listening to this foot-tappingly euphoric and fiery number.


About Brian Berggoetz The Brian Berggoetz Band is a band based in Tucson, Arizona. The group is led by singer and songwriter Brian Berggoetz. His music could be described as a unique combination of different styles and influences, such as Americana, Roots, and Rock. Brian has been passionate about music throughout most of his life. He is a self-taught guitarist and a gifted songwriter who has been active since his early 20s. What makes his music unique is the fact that he doesn't just write his own music, but he also has a penchant for rewriting classic songs in his personal style. While many cover song artists tend to reproduce the covers they interpret verbatim, B3 is very gifted when it comes to bringing a touch of personality and authenticity to the material that he performs. The artist is active as a performer, and he had the chance to play live extensively, including opening and sharing the stage with internationally respected acts, like Reverend Horton Heat, Charlie Sexton, and Jerry Giddens, to name a few. For more information on Brian Berggoetz, please visit Brian's website.

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