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Brennan - 'Killa'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Brennan Latimer, aka “Brennan”, is a Los Angeles based singer, songwriter, producer, and pianist. At age 9, Brennan and his dad formed their first band. Although the band was short-lived (due to Brennan’s rigorous 2nd grade workload), it sparked his path. A little over a decade later, Brennan graduated from the LA-based Icon Collective Music Production School, ready to make a name for himself in the industry. Brenan's song, "Killa", shows his production prowess and instinctual songwriting.

Opening with vocal effects on the lyrics, "She’s a killa killa killa killa. She's a killa. You better run and hide." Brennan makes an immediate impression - he's a modern pop artist with killa pop production instincts. After the intro, the sub-bass drops into an infectious groove.Brennan sings the first voice demonstrating a radio-ready vocal tone that can stand toe-to-toe with today's charting pop singers. Top that more great vocal effects, in the bass range, and you've got a fresh and fun vibe.

As the track moves forward, Brennan's pristine production skills can't be denied. The track is outstanding at every turn. From the smooth verses sustained by keys and electronic textures, to the pre-chorus that lengthens the groove building ample anticipation, to the snap of a gun trigger that lands in an addictive chorus.

"She’s a killa killa killa killa She’s a killa you better run and hide She’s a killa killa killa killa She’s a killa of a different kind She’s coming for your head And she’s coming for your heart You better move quick Or she’ll tear it all apart"

Brennan wrote this track after he saw a "drop-dead" beautiful woman who reminded him of the powerful and popular culture figures found in the movies like Harley Quinn, Regina George, and Wonder Woman." She got the green eyes, the magazine type. That she uses on her victims as a secret disguise." "Killa" is the story of a guy who falls hard and fast, only to be dropped just as quickly; he's just a number on her hit list. "You need nine lives if you’re gonna survive. 'Cause she’ll leave you face down in the blink of an eye."

In "Killa", Brennan shows his talent for pristine pop production, radio-ready vocals, instinctive songwriting, fun lyrics, and a killa hook. He has the whole pop package. He's an artist to watch, ready to chart, and he has that magazine "it" the factor.

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