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Born Soul - 'Hand Sanitizer'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

Born Soul’s indie hip-hop song “Hand Sanitizer” from the album BandLandz uses multiple tropes and symbolic imagery to poke fun at people that are self-absorbed and full of their self-justified lies. Equally at home as a writer and producer, Born Soul wrote, produced, recorded, engineered, mixed, and mastered his track.

The song is stewed and baked in satire and word play showcasing Born Soul's lyrical prowess. Born Soul's smooth delivery of his catchy and upbeat verses keeps the listener engaged. His style is subdued, yet highly confident.

"Hand Sanitizer" has a simple hip-hop beat with heavy distorted bass and high-frequency rain droplet effects. The production and musical approach have influences of Andre 3000, yet the uniqueness of Born Soul's own genre-bending approach. The initial mood and groove is set with the first hook as Born Soul begins spitting the verse.

“I whip it up in the cooler.She wanted change, had a nip tuck now she walk around with a big butt, big lips and a flat gut. Made me want to buss a buss, I whip it up, I whip it up, I whip it up I whip it up.”

Born Soul narrates the fact that he is done with people showboating and wasting his time with their fake ways of living. "Hand Sanitizer" is about washing your hands clean, even disinfecting them, from all the distractions.

Born Soul can produce a hyped beat that gets people hooked to the lyrics, the message, and the groove. He’s a multi-talented artist who writes, produces, mixes, and masters his vivacious style of music. Born Soul’s “Hand Sanitizer” displays a unique combination of music and satire that pushes the envelope with a multifaceted genre and form of music entertainment that is captivating.


About Born Soul

Born Soul, born Kelly Hancock from Austin, Texas, is a recording artist, song writer, producer, and sound engineer who you don't want to miss. Born Soul started out as a DJ in college where he got deeper into hip-hop music. Intrigued by the way the beat and the sounds were put together to bring out the MC’s lyrics in the ’90s, he began producing and writing pre-production note pad segments. Born Soul soon recorded his first demo. His greatest influences came from the “Dirty Backpack” era of hip-hop; his lyrical delivery was inspired by groups such as Souls of Mischief, A Tribe Called Quest, and Hieroglyphics. These groups inspired him because they were different from the mainstream at the time, in their music complexity and pioneering styles. Steadily gaining comparisons to Andre 3000, his oxymoron-like, melodic indie-hop sound is induced by distinctive kick drums, clearly enunciated vocals and smooth synthesized sounds.

Listeners can find Born Soul at my website.

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