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Bob Stetson - 'Brand New Personality'

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Brand New Personality” is a truly burning country song featuring amazing instrumental playing and humorous lyrics. Stetson delivers this song in a way that is understated yet perfectly in control. His vocal take captures the quick witted tone of the song and provides an endearing quality to the music. The up-tempo nature of this song combined with the catchy chorus and phenomenal instrumental contributions make it irresistible. Listeners will be powerless to avoid the charms of this country opus.

Lyrically, “Brand New Personality” is humorous and satirical. These lyrics take aim at the barrage of advertisements and manipulative messaging that plague the modern world.

“Well there's a preacher on channel 3 saying for some money, He can guarantee me a cooler place to go, And on the shopping channel they say, They got a handle on a new fangled way to make my hair grow.”

The lighthearted delivery of these lyrics make this song a joy.

“I can get a brand new personality via cable tv, Operators are standing by with information to better my life, maybe then I can change your mind about me.”

Listeners will be singing along by the 2nd chorus.

With cameos by Nashville artists Annemarie Picerno, Alexandra Rowe, and Edmund Coombs, "Brand New Personality" entertains and delights:

The arrangement of “Brand New Personality” is a masterclass in classic country songwriting. The effortless delivery of the vocal melody is a testament to the airtight construction of the song. All rhythm section players are perfectly on top of their game, while telecaster, piano and pedal steel fills elevate the music and provide the perfect bed for the lead vocal. Back-up vocals are placed in the perfect spots, punching up the melody effectively.

The chorus is extremely catchy and the verses roll out fantastically. A quick bridge sets up the final chorus brilliantly. Overall, this is a well-conceived and well-executed piece of music. Classic country music with all of the right stuff.

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Bob Stetson Bob Stetson is a Nashville traditional country artist originally from Quebec Canada. His influences are Buck Owen and Merle Haggard, and his musical writing style comes from bare emotions telling stories of love's lost, and reflections about life with a unique view on family and humor. His first song on the self titled new album "Bob Stetson" is "Brand New Personality" a zany ride for an average cowboy bloke, whose beer and popcorn doesn't impress his girlfriend. From his t-shirt and jeans and couch, he is inspired by infomercials to get a "Brand New Personality" as well as deplete his bank account to win her heart. Will he change his ways to win her over, or will he find his true love? This up tempo country song is filled with humor and fun, and the new music video features Bob Stetson in multiple comic roles, as well as cameos by Nashville artists Annemarie Picerno, Alexandra Rowe, and Edmund Coombs.


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