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Bob McGilpin & Annemarie Picerno - 'Night Out'

Nico Low & Staff

Cowritten by Annemarie Picerno, a Josie Music Award winning multi genre artist and Grammy member, and 17-year-old Kayden Gordon (the successful radio host of The Kayden Gordon Show, Today's Best Country Mix), "Night Out" is a certified country hit!

Produced by Bob McGilpin, this song has an exciting country blues bop sound. "Night Out" comes straight out the gate with a southern-fried guitar lick that take you right into the first verse. The arrangement is masterfully crafted, keeping the listener engaged from one section to another. Intermittent guitar riffs between the sections along with expert layers of guitar nuance grab the ear and offer so many little treats, it's like hitting the country music lotto. You’ll win something new on every spin! The addition of harmonica and a clap along section complete this country banger.

With plenty of country swagger, Bob McGilpin & Annemarie Picerno are so radio-ready that you feel like you're in the backseat listening to their vocals on your favorite country radio station. Lyrically, the song reflects on the fond memory of a free wheelin' family. The vivid lyrics not only bring this song to life, they have us recalling those family trips when Dad was at the wheel and the kids were singing in the backseat. Refreshingly wholesome and family friendly, this is a song that America will embrace.

“Cruisin under skies with the music playing, radio’s loud and we all are singin, daddy’s playin drums on the steering wheel.”

Musically, top-notch performance moments will please country music connoisseurs. Take the lyric “Losing track of time” for example. It is set in the song and performed so it's drawn out. This kind of nuance is a testament to the skill of the performers. The prosody of the song is so well done! The chorus is another example of expert songwriting craftsmanship. The hook is so catchy and memorable. The duo sings their hearts out elevating the chorus to an all out sing along.

As the title would suggest, this song is perfect for a night out! But regardless of what time of day it may be, "Night Out" is a must listen! "Night Out" will have the whole family coming along for the ride.


About Annemarie Picerno

Annemarie Picerno is a Josie Music Award winning multi genre artist and Grammy member who teamed up on songwriting with 17 year old Kayden Gordon who is a successful radio host of The Kayden Gordon Show, Today's Best Country Mix .

Annemarie writes pop, rock, country, and blues and is also an award winning video producer, most recently for her music video "Color Blind" which was awarded Best Music Video Concept and Grand Jury Prize Gold Best Music Video at the 2021 Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival, as well as Best Music Video for 2021 The Global Non Violent Film Festival.

For more information on Annemarie Picerno, please visit her website.


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