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Blue Honey - 'Lullaby

Blue Honey – ‘Lullaby’

“Lullaby” is a song by country husband and wife duo Blue Honey. The song begins with the first verse with acoustic guitar and vocals by Troy Brooks. He is then joined on the third phrase by Kassie Jordan-Brooks on background vocals. Stop right there. And just say "Wow." This vocal duo has fire. Each expressively sung word compels you to keep listening - they are mesmerizing.

The second verse introduces a second acoustic guitar and a soulful slide guitar, which adds more color and keeps the song’s arrangement moving forward. Following the second verse, the listener gets a brief interlude with a tasty guitar feature before the song drops back dynamically to male vocals and sparse acoustic guitar to grab listeners attention for the third verse. The song’s full instrumentation eventually returns and nicely finishes out the song. The arrangement is simply pristine. Shout out to Corey Hughes (drums) and Matt Anderson (bass) on their fantastic performance.

They lyrics in “Lullaby” are about the love between a husband and a wife, and a place to call home. This love is conveyed with lyrics such as “She’s the queen, I’m the king…She’s the prayer that hits the air…When I close my eyes, she’s my lullaby.” The lyrics pull every heart-string without every sounding corny. Blue Honey sweetly writes

“Lullaby” by Blue Honey is a beautifully written and arranged song. The excellent use of dynamics conveyed through top notch musicianship on the recording effectively brings out the emotion in the melody and lyrics. In addition to being skilled songwriters, Troy Brooks, and Kassie Jordan-Brooks are talented, expressive vocalists, and their vocal qualities perfectly complement each other.

For more information, visit Blue Honey's website. Listen on Spotify.

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Blue Honey is a husband and wife duo consisting of Troy Brooks and Kassie Jordan-Brooks. The connection between the two is undeniable and can only be found between two people in love. Their harmonies intertwine flawlessly while showcasing Kassie’s powerhouse vocals and Troy’s blues inspired guitar riffs. They have brought that rare connection back into the studio to record their sophomore full-length project, Sweet Rebellion, which was produced by Kassie and Troy and includes twelve originals songs.

The video for their previous single, “Angels Come Home,” debuted on world-renowned outlet The Boot. The release of the new album falls on the heels of a milestone where they were named one of the “10 Country Artists To Watch” by The Nashville Knack, were included on The Country Source’s “One To Watch” list and Buzzfeed’s “Country Music Obsessions” list. Their song “Wherever You Are Tonight” was also recently featured on Spectra Music’s Americana Made: Volume 1 compilation album.

Blue Honey wants to connect with their fans on a personal level through their albums and live shows.

“It doesn’t matter what happens to this music as long as people can feel some of the songs and relate to them. We want to make music that people will want to listen to when they’re in the car on long trips or have playing at house parties. Maybe they’ll want to share it with their friends because it’s different. Because of who we are and what we mean to each other, this music is intrinsically part of our lives. We just hope that we do a good job relating that and other people will want to have it be part of their life as well.” - Kassie


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