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  • Bryon Harris

Blind Perception EP Review

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Hailing from Southern Indiana, Blind Perception has been putting out great music since 2016. The band is comprised of Tommy ( drums/lead vocals); Brent ( lead guitar) Theron ( rhythm guitar) and Charlie Malick ( bass/vocals). The band boasts a sound that is influenced classic, blues, southern, hard rock. At the heart of their sound is a passion to give their fans an unforgettable musical experience which can be heard in their new 6-song, self-titled EP,

Straight out the gate, "Save Me" will flood your blues-rock senses with an anthem for the working class. Commencing with a riff that is reminiscent of Van Halens' take on Roy Orbison, fuzzy distorted guitars, shimmering guitar solos, crisp percussion and driving bass and rhythm guitar complete the classic rock sound. Tommy's front-man performance will take you back to the days when live rock filled coliseums across America. It is awe-inspiring that this lead singer also plays the kick-ass drums. "Save Me" is a great way to kick off the album. With it's catchy hook about the heartbreak of drowning in hard times, the song is easy to relate to. "My boss he fired me today. Twenty years they toss me anyway. Higher a younger man to take my place. Started him off at half the pay." Going through tough times, behind on your bills, feeling the heartbreak of not being able to make ends meet? Crank up "Save Me" and remember there's always great rock to lift your spirits.

Like a hard rock riffle "More & More" makes a big entrance with spit-fire percussion before it moves into a danceable groove. This tuneful song is sure to get stuck in your head with it's contagious and catchy hook. Singing about a red-hot cutie who shakes her booty, drinks flowing, a DJ, and a lit crowd, "More & More" is about unwinding, having fun and desire for a hot babe at the bar Background vocals drive the hook home and make this a fun a sing-along.

"Too Drunk" is a high-energy, Saturday night barroom hit. With hints of Southern rock, this song will get your foot tapping and put a smile on your face. "Too Drunk" has all the makings of #1, timeless bar tune sing-a-long. Charlie's walking bass lines will have your head bopping while Brent's swift finger guitar solos will raise your eyebrows. Tommy nails the fun vibe with vocals that let loose. The song ends with a tongue and cheek, "License and registration please."

"Backwoods Shine" is a killer song that combines Southern rock with hints of Americana. Commencing with hard drums hits that interrupt slick guitar riffs, the song quickly moves into full gear with a thick, backwoods groove. Telling a story about past days of prohibition, this song has grind and grit to spare. The heart of the song is in the storytelling where Tommy drives it home as he takes you to a hidden loot of 100 proof shine that makes you feel fine! "Backwoods Shine" is sure to have you shouting "Hey!" along with Tommy as the band gets you up on your feet. "You get yours, I got mine. The backwoods shine."

Thick, distorted guitar attitude starts, "I Live Alone" as Tommy sings, "Now you know how the story goes..." Tommy's vocals dig deep for throaty sound that keeps this song raw and real. Presenting a darker side, "I Live Alone" explores the feeling of being confined in a world that is dark and cold. Talking about the hard topic of suicide, the bands shows it's serious side with a song that displays honesty about hitting rock bottom and finding yourself alone with your demons.

"A Captain Goes Down With His Ship" starts with the sound of water hitting the side of a ship. Electric Celtic rock guitar weaves through the song like the ocean wind through the ship's sails. Like "Backwoods Shine" this song tells a story from long ago. With highly melodic content, this memorable song has a great chorus section with multiple voices. Tommy's vocals take you deep into the tale with rich detail. You can feel the Captain and his crew, the chilly night air, and the camaraderie between the sailors. Sometimes confidence is short lived and lady luck has other plans especially if you can't afford a life boat. "A Captain Goes Down With His Ship" is a classic rock sea song that you won't soon forget and a great way to end the album.

Blind Perception's new EP is an invigorating display of dense instrumental and songwriting diversity. The band dives into hard rock, southern rock, blues rock and even Americana rock with ease by utilizing a full toolbox of deep rolling and crisp drums, driving thick bass, slick lead guitar, in-the-pocket rhythm guitar and passionate vocals. With songs for the working class and rockers who like to party after a long work week and great story telling, Blind Perception brings it home with grit, guts, grind and groove.

For more information on Blind Perception, please check out their website.

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