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Blind Perception - 'Backwoods Shine'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Blind Perception was formed in 2016 to give rock fans a blend of 60's hippie rock, 70's hard rock, 80's metal, and 90's grunge with great grooves and a familiar feel. This 4 piece rock group from Southern Indiana, with their eclectic 4-decade influenced, released their self-titled EP release July of 2018. From blues to progressive to rock anthems, Blind Perception covers it all.

“Backwoods Shine” from the EP Industrial Raunch kills you with their amazing attitude, instrumental prowess and tight groove. Influences heard are Led Zeplin, Aerosmith, Hendrix, and Van Halen to name a few. Opening the song, electric heavy metal guitar and deep bass slowly build as pounding and crisp drum hits give you a stellar rock beat. Lead singer, Tommy Tea, enters singing "Never knew my Granddad, but stories I heard tell moonshine man prohibition days, business was quite well." Tommy has a confident, classic-rock voice that oozes with all the right blues-rock tonal nuance. He's a front-man through and through.

The guitar solo during the chorus and the bridge is massive and super intense. Before the last verse, the distorted lead guitar comes in as the rhythm section keeps the progression moving tightly. The performers include Tommy Tea (drums,vocals,lyrics), Brent Hodges (lead guitar), Theron Owen-rhythm (guitar), and Dave Stotts (bass guitar). This quartet pours more than 100% of their passion and energy into this track giving “Backwoods Shine” both heart and soul.

Blind Perception’s inspiration came from the days of prohibition and the moonshiners during that era, in the sweet backwoods of the bustling mountainside where people would have a good time drinking distilled concentrated alcohol.

“Pure mountain brewed, Backwoods Shine / 100 proof makes you feel fine / Pure mountain brewed Backwoods Shine / You get yours I got mine.”

“Backwoods Shine” demonstrates just how great rock can be when you combine excellent musicians who know how to play with great songwriting and dynamic vocals. Blind Perception’s performance is bold and dynamic, traditional and fresh. The song is illuminates energy and fire. You can drink some fine "Backwoods Shine" to make you feel fine, or you can listen to one of the best multi-influenced rock n' roll band in the country - Blind Perception.

For more information, please visit Blind Perception's website. Connect with Blind Perception on Facebook.


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