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Blind Perception – ‘A Captain Goes Down With His Ship’

By Matt Wong & Staff

“A Captain Goes Down With His Ship” begins with the sounds of water and wind. The music commences subsequently with a bad-ass electric guitar hook supported by rhythm guitar, bass, and fills from the drums. After setting up a sound scape of tension and turbulence, the vocals and groove enter with the first verse to begin telling the story. Halfway through the verse, a comping part on organ is introduced to add a new texture to the arrangement, and reinforce the groove.

Upon arriving at the chorus, background vocals give the song width. Sprinkled in at the end of phrases are some burning lead guitar lines to contribute more turbulence and excitement. The third verse introduces a new rhythmic guitar part which nicely complements the sparser rhythm of the previous verses. Another rocking guitar solo grabs hold of the listener’s complete attention, and the song ends with another bridge, and a final chorus.

The lyrics in “A Captain Goes Down With His Ship” are about Captain Edward J. Smith of RMS Titanic, and the sinking of the ship that was thought to be “the unsinkable master of the sea.” The song begins with some background on Captain Smith and how “He got his sea legs many years ago from sailing steamers always on the go.” It then talks about the aura behind the vessel and how “No one there was worried on this maiden voyage.” The last verse is about the sinking and how “The Captain knew the end was near.”

“A Captain Goes Down with His Ship” by Blind Perception is a well written song with an outstanding melody, and vivid and memorable lyrics. Recounting an event that happened 108 years ago, the band calls on their vast arsenal of songwriting and arranging tools to connect with their listeners. They then deliver the song with an excellent performance with top notch musicianship. Blind Perception is a band that stands out with real musical storytelling and the talent the makes this song a page-turner.

About Blind Perception

Hailing from Southern Indiana, Blind Perception has been putting out great music since 2016. The band is comprised of Tommy ( drums/lead vocals); Brent ( lead guitar); Theron ( rhythm guitar); and Charlie ( bass/vocals). The band boasts a sound that is influenced by classic, blues, southern, and hard rock. At the heart of their sound is a passion to give their fans an unforgettable musical experience which can be heard in their new 6-song EP - Industrial Raunch. Blind Perception was founded to give rock fans another choice in today's music scene with music that boldly blends 60's hippie rock, 70's hard rock, 80's metal and 90's grunge for an end result that is best described as hard rock with a great groove and a familiar feel!

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