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  • Bryon Harris

Blind Perception - 'Save Me'

If you do a quick google search about the state of affairs in rock n' roll, you will run across all kinds of articles that ask, "Is rock dead?" Many of rock's greatest icon's are hitting the 70-year-old age range and the once record-breaking rock bands who filled the stadiums seem to be few and far between. Even the award shows are full of "pop-rock" or diluted forms of rock. But before you fret over the state of affairs in rock, exhale. Independent bands all over the country are keeping rock alive. Blind Perception, a 4-piece rock band, hailing from Southern Indiana, is one of the great independent rock bands offering rock for rock fans who crave the real deal. Their influences range from blues to progressive, and from rock anthems to classic-rock. Their new single, "Save Me," is a great way to get acquainted with the band's talent.

"Save Me," off their upcoming album Industrial Raunch, kicks it off with a thick distorted riff with a Van Halen-esque attitude. Sparks fly out of the electric lead guitar which enters the mix like lightening in a storm. A light tapping high-hat keeps the time and builds up the anticipation. After a few bars, the band is all in with a hard-rocking groove and heaving rocking drums.

The band's lead singer cuts straight to the chase on the first verse. "Lost my house, my kids, and my wife. Sick of my job and my life. Work all day at the shop, probably work til the day I drop. Things are tough and times are hard, to pawn these things just breaks my heart." With a good amount of guts and grit, the vocals deliver a solid punch. A wicked guitar solo with plenty of wah-wah effects gives the track an A+. Rock fans will drool to the speed and virtuosity of the lead guitar work.

"Save Me" is more than a rock song. Yes, the band delivers everything you want in rock. Yes, they have lightening chops. Yes, they have great vocals. Yes, the drums and bass are bad to the bone. But Blind Perception's "Save Me" is more than all those things - ultimately, it is a social justice song for our times.

Whether it started as a protest song or a slice of hard life, doesn't matter because the song, in the end, is a commentary on hard-working people and freedom. At it's roots, "Save Me" is about a guy who has worked a job for twenty years and is tossed to the curb to save a dime. "My boss he fired me today, 20 years they tossed me away. Hired a younger man to take my place, started him off with half my pay." Losing everything he once held onto, he is at rock bottom. At the same time, he realizes that he has never been free from the daily grind. In unison, the drums and the band pound out the chorus on the downbeat for a thrilling, hands-in-the-air, experience. "Free me from my cell. Take me from my, take from my hell. Save me from my, save me from myself, from myself." When it comes to freedom and the chains that bind us, Blind Perception is anything but blind - their songwriting is full of insightful observation and real emotion. "Save Me' is saving rock and it's not about "me" - it's about us. In "Save Me," Blind Perception show their guts, their grit, and their greatness with a song that proves rock is alive and well in today's flooded sugar-pop-all-about-me-world.

For more information on the band and to learn more about their upcoming album, 'Industrial Raunch,' please check out their website. #BlindPerception #BlindPerceptionSaveMe #BlindPerceptionIndustrialRaunch #IndieMusicReview #MusicReviewBlog #IndieSpoonful #BWHMusicGroup

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