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  • Bryon Harris

Blackie Stuart - "Forerunner"

“The Forerunner” begins with an overdriven guitar, which enters with passion and zeal. Soon, the full bluesy, groovy mix congregates in the same fashion, complete with distant, filtered female vocals. The song has a distinct ‘Mad Max’ desert vibe, calling upon lots of appropriate imagery to convey the thrilling story found in the song’s lyrics.

Blackie Stuart’s lyrics are imaginative and coherent, painting the perfect picture of John the Baptist (often referred to as the ‘Forerunner’), a prominent figure in the Christian religion. A prominent theme in the lyrics presents itself as the act of a savior coming down from above to enlighten those living in primitive misery. The artist does a fantastic job highlighting the world of Man as a ‘wasteland’, while building up the formidable, omnipotent force of God.

“The ancients wrote it down, the prophets spoke it out, prophecies from the wasteland. Prepare ye the way and make His paths straight, for the kingdom of God has drawn near."

Blackie Stuart is a masterful storyteller, upholding a tradition as old as humanity itself. In “The Forerunner”, the artist has demonstrated the power music has to bring life to ideas and events that happened thousands of years ago. With his natural joy and passion for music, Stuart’s work will never fail to please the senses and educate the mind.


About Black Stuart

Blackie Stuart is an inspirational songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. One of his fondest memories was as a child watching his parents dance to the Beatles. Music brought him fun and joy. Soon, some neighborhood kids formed a band and Blackie learned how to play bass. Later, his first job was in a local music store where he was exposed to many instruments. He acquired a drum kit and, after a few lessons, the drums became his primary instrument. Blackie participated in marching bands, rock bands, and percussion groups.

During this time, a friend invited him to a church meeting. There he witnessed the joy and passion of the congregation singing with the band and he knew he had found his calling. Most recently, Blackie received a cigar box guitar as a Christmas present and added this unique instrument to his toolbox. Blackie is grateful to his parents, the Beatles and his inspiration - God.


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