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Bible Belt Blues - "No Life Without Jesus"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“No Life Without Jesus” is a driving and gritty piece of inspirational music. The sheer conviction of thought exhibited in this song is infectious and endearing. A classic blues shuffle comes alive with extra vitamins in the laid-back delivery of the rhythm section. The lead vocal is powerful and uplifting. Soaring guitar fills, harmonica riffs, and piano comping creates a beautiful foundation for the song’s message. The rawness of this musical statement gives it an exciting feeling.

Lyrically, the song has a before and after feel. There is life without Jesus and then there is life with Jesus.

A life without Jesus...

Jesus, just try to get along without Him Jesus, can't have a life in this world without Him You'll take a few steps baby Then it'll all come crashing down on you

And a life with Jesus...

Jesus, You are the sunshine of my life Jesus, You are the lover of my soul If there's one thing I know It's gonna be alright with You

Listeners get a sense of warmth like the sun and peace in the soul heard from a man who has faith.

The arrangement of “No Life Without Jesus” is full-steam-ahead blues with plenty of soul. A bass line walks a straight line, while the lead instruments gang up on listeners and drive this song home. The emotional peaks of the vocal line come at the perfect time. The energy of the groove sets the perfect stage for the song’s message. Produced by Paula Vega Vondenstein, this is a song with edge and vitality. “No Life Without Jesus” is a wonderfully engaging piece of music.

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About Bible Belt Blues

Husband and wife music ministry team, Harold and Paula Vega Vondenstein of Bible Belt Blues have created quite a stir since they started creating music together as a couple in September of 2018. Known for their bold, biblically sound lyrics and a musical style that is uniquely their own, the Vondensteins have garnered numerous awards including the prestigious 2021 W.A.M. Impact Ward, the 2020 W.A.M. Award for Best Gospel/Christian lyrics, and the coveted 2019 Josie Music Award for Gospel/Christian Duo as well as numerous Finalist Awards. With two albums under their belt, “I’m Not Ashamed to Be a Christian” and “My God, My God,” and a soon to be released 3rd album (EP) “Preacher and the Bluesman,” Bible Belt Blues is destined to make their mark as Evangelist Songwriters.

The Vondensteins have a lot to be excited about with their recent 2021 Josie Music Award nomination for Album of the Year for their much-acclaimed 2nd album “My God, My God,” twenty-eight of their songs having already received radio airplay, and the signing of ten of their Bible Belt Blues songs on five Bongo Boy Records compilation albums and four of their Grit’s Guitar instrumentals on four Bongo Boy Records compilation albums. The Vondensteins are currently working on completing their 1st Grit’s Guitar instrumental album, “Runs Like a River.”

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