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Bible Belt Blues - 'Into the Arms of Jesus'

"into the Arms of Jesus" is a song by the husband and wife music ministry team of Harold and Paula Vega Vondenstein, known as the Bible Belt Blues. They fully acknowledge the hand of God at work in their lives as their music gains more and more followers. During 2019 they released two Christian albums, “I’m Not Ashamed to Be a Christian” and “My God, My God,” and won the coveted 2019 Josie Music Award for Gospel/ Christian Duo. Amazingly, eighteen of their original Bible Belt Blues songs have already received radio airplay (Cross 104’s Gospel Blues Hour Syndicated Radio Program, WQFX Gospel Radio, Country Blast Radio’s Multi-Genre Hour. They have charted month after month on National Indie Radio, a station known for popular, secular music, and were the inspiration behind the radio's new "Spirit & Soul" inspirational and Christian Radio show.

"Into the Arms of Jesus" starts off with a bluesy acoustic guitar that resonates and reverberates with sound of large hall acoustics. The performance sounds live and vibrant. Using electric guitar effects, Harold offers up plenty of twang and the track is easy to tap your foot along to.

Signature to his sound, Harold brings a certain amount of space and freedom into his playing which allows listeners to get lost in the mesmerizing sound. As an additional treat, Harold plays the harmonica on this song. The combination of swampy guitar and blues harmonica is very exciting. The harmonica sings the song's melody with soul.

The lyrics were written by Paula Vega Vondenstein who brings the vision to the music. As the duo's producer and lyricist, Paula gathers all the elements together to achieve the ultimate purpose of the music which is to communicate the song's message and meaning. "Into the Arms of Jesus" explores the sanctification process for Christians. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the term sanctification, it is about our intellect, emotion, will, and spirit being set apart from all else and becoming unto God.

In "Into the Arms of Jesus" Paula's lyrics offer a visual story of the journey of sanctification. To do this, she uses brilliant juxtaposition. Every verse offers an old way and a new way. From running from yourself to being in the arms of Jesus, from pain to peace, from making plans to accepting His plans, from your desire to His heart, from your will to His will. What strikes this writer the most is how Paula lays things out in simple terms so that listeners can truly understand the message. The last line is "My soul is His to keep." After letting go of your plans, desires, and strong will, you finally have a home for your soul, in His keep. The feeling is one of complete surrender and ultimate peace.

"I'm running from myself Into the arms of Jesus. I'm running from my pain Into His arms of peace. I'm running from my former life My soul is His to keep."

In "Into the Arms of Jesus," the Bible Belt Blues bring you into the arms of Jesus through their gift of song and performance. Their unique sound and poignant lyrics are a soulful gift and guide.

For more information on Bible Belt Blues, please visit their website.

Listen on Spotify.

Listen to the album, I'm Not Ashamed to Be a Christian, on HearNow.


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