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Bible Belt Blues - 'If You Only Knew'

Review Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

Minimal yet intriguing percussion starts things off for “If You Only Knew.” A groovy, gliding guitar makes its way into the mix and hints at the expressive nature of what’s to come. By the time the vocals enter, the atmosphere is ripe with tension waiting to be resolved.

Harold Vondenstein delivers every phrase with intention and passion, creating subtle movement with every perfectly delivered frequency and dynamic. The song as a whole is smooth and natural, as if the artists have dived down to the bare nature of music in order to find a source of meaning.

The lyrics of “If You Only Knew” demonstrate the impressive faith of the Bible Belt Blues. Each thought that comes up in the song is reflected on, a process apparent in the composed, relaxed sense of repetition in every verse. With each new moment breathes an inescapable feeling of utmost gratitude and divine understanding.

“If you only knew where I've come from If you only knew, if you only knew what I've been through Then you would understand why Why I love Jesus the way I do”

The conviction carried by the Bible Belt Blues in every song they create is part of what makes the duo so special. In a chaotic world full of distractions and tragedies, there is something quite refreshing about music that has evidently been created by people who find themselves connected with the truest sense of peace and devotion. The Bible Belt Blues have once again demonstrated that music is at its best when crafted with love and intention.

For more information, please visit Bible Belt Blues website.


About Bible Belt Blues

Paula Vega Vondenstein is the Visionary, Lyricist, and Producer for Bible Belt Blues, a Music Ministry she founded with her husband, Harold, in September of 2018. As Christian musicians, the Vondensteins have dared to go where many Christian musicians have dared not tread: to address sin, repentance, and salvation in their songs.

Everything about their music is counter-culture, and yet, amazingly, seventeen of their original twenty three songs have already received radio airplay. They never gave much thought to getting their music on the radio; they were simply being obedient to what the Holy Spirit of God had called them to do.

They view themselves as Evangelist Songwriters believing that a song with biblically sound lyrics can soften a hardened heart to be receptive to the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Bible Belt Blues has released two albums in 2019, “I’m Not Ashamed to Be a Christian” and “My God, My God” and won the prestigious 2019 Josie Music Award for Gospel/ Christian Duo. The Vondensteins are working on their third album while actively seeking bookings for revival or worship concerts at churches and colleges.


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