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  • Bryon Harris

Bible Belt Blues - 'I Didn’t Take Time to Pray'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

“I Didn’t Take Time to Pray” is the latest single off Bible Belt Blue's anticipated album, "I'm Not Ashamed to Be a Christian." The song miraculously makes due with guitar as its sole harmonic element. This method seems to perfectly fit the style of the piece, as distortion and subtle counterpoint provide all the atmosphere the Bible Belt Blues need to let their message ring.

The mood of the song is haunting and ominous, and a steady feeling of pulse is sustained throughout, speaking to the steady, habitual nature of the song’s themes.

The message of “I Didn’t Take Time to Pray” deals with the human battle against time, and the way we can often forget the larger, more intrinsic elements that form the lifeblood of our lives. In this retro, Bentonia Blues influenced track, the artists lament over the absence of prayer and faith in their busy routines.

The lyrics, written by Paula Vondenstein, walk us through a typical day. We get up in the morning. We eat breakfast and drink a cup of coffee. We go to a stressful job. We come home to our families. It feels easy to forget God who created our world. And somehow, we forget to pray. By keeping the lyrics easy to relate to, Paula brilliantly invites everyone to think about their priorities and purpose.

Harold Vondenstein’s voice speaks to this message with a spoken-word style in each verse, and becomes more expressive as he turns to face the root of his troubles as the song nears an end.

“And a much needed break From my stressful workday Now my day is half over And somehow I didn't take time to pray”

The Bible Belt Blues know just how to capture a feeling or idea without going overboard on shiny details. “I Didn’t Take Time to Pray” is a glowing example of haunting beauty in minimalism, and holds a message that is both exoteric and esoteric depending on the listener. Look to this exciting duo to demonstrate over and over again the rich beauty that arises from the meeting of faith and music.

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About Bible Belt Blues

Paula Vega Vondenstein is the Visionary, Lyricist, and Producer for Bible Belt Blues, a Music Ministry she founded with her husband, Harold, in September of 2018. As Christian musicians, the Vondensteins have dared to go where many Christian musicians have dared not tread: to address sin, repentance, and salvation in their songs.

Everything about their music is counter-culture, and yet, amazingly, seventeen of their original twenty three songs have already received radio airplay. They never gave much thought to getting their music on the radio; they were simply being obedient to what the Holy Spirit of God had called them to do. They view themselves as Evangelist Songwriters believing that a song with biblically sound lyrics can soften a hardened heart to be receptive to the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ.

Bible Belt Blues has released two albums in 2019, “I’m Not Ashamed to Be a Christian” and “My God, My God” and won the prestigious 2019 Josie Music Award for Gospel/ Christian Duo. The Vondensteins are working on their third album while actively seeking bookings for revival or worship concerts at churches and colleges.

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