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  • Bryon Harris

Between Giants - 'Play Dead'

By Brandon Watts & Staff

Based out of Brooklyn, New York, Between Giants is an indie-rock band making national waves. The band's talent was recently recognized with an Independent Music Award for ‘Best Pop Album’ of 2019 and they are moving into 2020 with ever bigger aspirations including a 21-city tour. They have cleared well over 800,000 streams across all platforms with 30,000 monthly listeners located in multiple major US cities, landed massive sync deals with department stores and radio stations across the US and internationally, scored a Netflix feature on the Japanese show “Terrace House” and more. They have opened for heavy hitters such as Lydia, Kodaline, Drake Bell, Jon Bellion, Sea Girls, and The Rocket Summer, as well as nearly selling out every headliner they put together.

"Play Dead" is just one reason why Between Giants will become your next favorite indie rock band. Opening with a crunchy guitar melody that is gradually layered upon with chugging chords and fast-picked accents, the percussion slowly rises in the background to set the stage. Tyler takes the stage with crisp, emotive vocals that grip you in each phrase as he oscillate between soft and grungy vocal timbres.

As the band enters the pre-chorus the chugging chord progression changes to a more legato, drawn out phrasing and the percussion plays an intricate drum beat. Tyler’s vocals soften building suspense towards the chorus. Bringing massive energy, the chorus explodes with a killer, pitch-bending lead on synth accompanied by slamming drums and a rocking chord progression as Tyler sings,

“I stay young / In this city of yours / Go kiss him I’ll fake it / You’re still watching me / I play dead.”

The pop-punk influenced vocal melodies are totally infectious and when met with a rhythmically dynamic, uniquely flavored, synth-rock track, this song makes for an unforgettable music experience that is the essence of Between Giants.

"Play Dead" is about being into someone who is already in a relationship with someone else. True to Between Giant's writing, the lyrics are introspective and intelligent. If you were to compare their lyrical writing to a movie score, this would be an artistic film as opposed to a commercial blockbuster. It is this kind of creative and honest slice of life writing that draws people in and turns the underground artsy film into an international hit. "Play Dead" explores the mask that you put on when receiving advances from someone who is not available. The song uncovers the denial, loneliness, anxiety and obsession of the situation. "And I’ve been thinking about you once or twice / Just the little things / well that’s a lie / Cause it’s always you haunt me.

Between Giants have already arrived at the top with songs like "Play Dead." "Play Dead," a song about desire, leaves nothing to be desired from a musical experience. From the lyrics that paint the emotional colors of a glance between two people caught in a game to the amazing sound that 3 gifted musicians brilliantly pull-off, Between Giants are more than a band to watch - they are a giant voice for their generation who have earned their place at the top of independent music's best bands of the year playlist.

Listen on Spotify.

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