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  • Bryon Harris

Between Giants - "Nauseous"

Review by Dan Richards & Staff

“Nauseous” is a song that thrives in the alternative rock vibe while singing about the overwhelming nature of modern dating. There is an element of frustration here, dating can be so repetitive and ultimately feel pointless. Yet there is a reason we keep going after that infamous condition called Love and that is what singer Tyler John is expressing here.

The song begins with a glistening synth effect that beautifully sets up the ambient and tender atmosphere. The rock band then kicks in and sets the song driving forward. Tyler John’s vocals are tastefully hazy and languid reflecting one’s state of mind when out in the dating scene. This is also a symptom of the chorus line “I’m getting nauseous in the car ride.”

The chorus is where Tyler gets to show off his vocals as he sings up into the stratosphere with a vibrant passion. What really ties this song together is in the final chorus where the lyric “But I’m still here” is added to the chorus. Throughout the song you may think Tyler is done with trying to replace his past love, but this cements the idea that it’s something none of us can really shut out from our mind. We will forever be seeking that deep connection with another person, despite the landslide burying us over and over.

The verses are impeccably layered with lots of rhythm, held down tight by the bass and drums. Layered on top are the muted guitars that are shimmering with delay effects which add to the songs dreamlike state. Lots of colorful guitar lines are weaved in and out behind the vocals while synths and airy guitar effects wash over the track with subtlety and nuance. This contrasts nicely with the chorus which really opens up and expands to create an epic, feel good momentum. “Nauseous” is an easily relatable song and is sure to inspire you to hold your lighters up high and begin swaying with the rhythm as you connect with Between Giants.

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