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Belle Lundon - 'My Soul To Keep'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Belle Lundon was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. At a very young age, Lundon demonstrated talent in music and with the support and recognition of her parents, she attended The New Orleans Center for the Creative Arts. After graduating the performing arts high-school, she attended the conservatory, California Institute of the Arts, in Valencia, California. Lundon began recording her lyrics and posted "My Soul to Keep" on YouTube. In 2016, she entered a music competition called, 'Apollo's Making A Star' sponsored by Coca Cola to be flown to Harlem, New York for a taped YouTube series. She performed the cover, "He Wants it All" by Forever Jones, on the world famous Apollo Theater Stage. Lunden continues to write songs and performs monthly with theLakewood Church young adult team within the church.

“My Soul To Keep” is a stellar, modern gospel jam from Belle Lundon. A light tape crackle sets an ambience for glistening piano arpeggiations. Not before long. Belle takes the stage opening the first chorus with crystal clear vocals and a soft timbre that easily glides through smooth melodies with a colorful flair of vibrato. Her vocal performance is outstanding.

With room to grow, the piano gradually builds into the first verse added a touch more vigor with rich chord progressions. Progressing in intensity, accents of whirling organ chime in fueling the arrangement with unexpected energy.

Soon, drums add a rhythmic punch moving towards the chorus. Now, a full blown arrangement, piano, organ, percussion, strings and layers of rich harmonic backing vocals that sound like a full choir, make for an unforgettable sound and moment as Belle sings,

“ Oh lord! Lord save my soul, take control And save me from the enemy Who wants my soul to keep Lord please save my soul Please take ... Take control!”

"My Soul To Keep" is about losing parts of yourself and finding your spiritual way back to God. This is expressed in the lines "I lost a part of me its left me feeling empty" and "I lost a part of me It's left me feeling lonely." Belle asks God to take control, save her soul, and bring her serenity.

“My Soul to Keep” is a song for our times. Through all the chaos of today's pandemic, Belle's song offers hope and peace. With a pristine arrangement, stellar musicianship and gorgeous vocals, Belle Lundon will appeal to fans of all genres. Her contemporary sound and amazing voice will captivate you.

Belle Lundon is a modern gospel artist to watch in 2020. She has soul, and a spirit within, that can take her to the top of the charts.

Listen on Spotify.

For more information on Belle Lundon, please visit her website.


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