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  • Bryon Harris

Beatrice Betley – Sunshine

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Beatrice Betley is an acclaimed vocalist, producer, songwriter and composer, whose roots originated in Hamburg, Germany. Throughout her musical travels, her love of the craft started at an early age. Singing basically before she could even walk, Beatrice learned to play the guitar, recorder, and recently the piano to add to her repertoire. Her music spans genres as she blends elements of Jazz, 80s pop, EDM, Argentinian Folk and dashes of Flamenco and Fado.

Beatrice Betley offers a uniquely positive listening experience with the performance of her song “Sunshine.” The track starts off with a groove between a steady bass line and lively hand drumming that give the record a worldly vibe. With the entrance of Beatrice’s stellar vocals, the track begins a gradually build with accents of harmonic background vocals and little horn motif that brings vibrancy to the mix.

Through her lyrics, Beatrice sends the message that all it takes is just a little bit of sunshine to brighten up your day and take away your blues, something we all could use while we were couped up in lockdown.

“A little sunshine / In the morning / Makes the world a brighter day / And all the clouds that / Were in my heart / Have no more reason to stay / I think of you / And none other / And hope the sun smiles at you too”

Her vocals give off a relaxed, personal timbre that give listeners an “up-close” vibe, as if you were listening live at a coffee shop. In this way, Beatrice truly connects with listeners.

With a plethora of eclectic influences, “Sunshine” is sure to brighten up your day with its fun and quirky grooves. Make sure to check out this track as well many other wonderful tracks off of Beatrice’s album Upside Down.

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