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Barry Rock - 'I'm In Love'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“I’m In Love” is an incredibly upbeat and happy song. Often love songs are sad, singing about heartbreak and disappointment. Barry Rock brings a refreshing sense of happiness to love that we all need to be reminded of. There is a classic doo-wop vibe to its atmosphere which is fused with pop rock instrumentation. The song is undeniably catchy and infectiously joyful.

The intro kicks off with dual guitars, aptly panned with one to the left and one to the right. The mix combined with the fantastic guitar playing really create a sense of unity, like two hands shaking. Following the intro is the rest of the band which includes, drums, bass and vocals. Barry’s Rocks vocals are smooth and buoyant which are further complimented in the chorus with background vocals that add a fun call and response to the main chorus melody. The bridge then introduces piano, adding tasty fills that ornament the instrumentation. The bridge also features a very melodic guitar riff that allows lead guitarist Jimmy Sarles to expression his passion.

Lyrically “I’m In Love” is colorful and playful. The beginning lyrics conjure up images of birds and perfect weather. “The birds, start singing when you sigh, and suddenly go quiet when you cry, and the summer air, you’re long blond hair”. There is also a bit of sensuality in the lyrics as Barry sings in the bridge, “I hear the night is calling you my dear, there’ll be a night of lovin’ when you’re here”. It’s so nice to hear a song that has its head up in the clouds like “I’m In Love” does, and it will have you craving the insatiable sensation of love all over again.

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About Barry Rock

BarryRock can best be described as a singer/songwriter that has you humming his melodies & lyrics, at first listen. Born and raised in NY, Barry’s Retro musical style was influenced by the best of them. Including The Beatles, Billy Joel, The Beach boys and the Cars to name a few. Barry majored in acting at community college and played in bands thru his college years where he developed a magnetic stage presence. He went on to start and own a DJ Entertainment Company, working weddings and corporate events as well. From 2008-2012 Barry Moved to LA where he picked up the vibe of west coast music. He incorporates these styles with incredible hooks you just can’t get out of your head.

Barry’s goal is to continue writing and working with incredible musicians, & place music in TV and film. His music is a perfect match for Child based media. One listen & you will agree his songs have Disney written all over them!

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