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Barry Rock - 'Flight to Nowhere'

Review by Ionas Finser & Staff

Barry Rock is as a singer/songwriter that writes catchy melodies and easy-to-relate to lyrics that get stuck in your head. Born and raised in NY, Barry’s Retro musical style was influenced by the best of them: The Beatles, Billy Joel, The Beach boys and the Cars to name a few. Barry majored in acting at community college and played in bands throughout his college years where he developed a magnetic stage presence. He went on to start and own a DJ Entertainment company. From 2008-2012 Barry Moved to LA where he picked up the vibe of west coast music. He incorporates these styles with incredible hooks you just can’t get out of your head. Barry’s goal is to continue writing and working with incredible musicians with song placement in TV and film. His timeless and nostalgic music is a perfect match for Disney and youth-based audiences. A great way to get to know Barry's talent is to check out his new single, "Flight to Nowhere.'

A gorgeously funky bass-line opens “Flight to Nowhere” accompanied by ambient guitar harmony. When Barry Rock’s vocals come in, they immediately accomplish a relaxed, Venice Beach vibe for your ears to enjoy. The overall mood of the music is upbeat and laid-back, creating a unique juxtaposition of emotion with the lyrical content. Barry's tenor voice has a pop-rock, radio-ready sound.

Barry Rock’s lyrics capture the idea of a relationship that is off and on, and the unreliable nature of people who betray their full emotions to you. The artist does a wonderful job painting the inner torment of this situation as a battle that leaves one numb, wondering: “does it matter anyway?”

“Why did you have to go? I just may never know. Did your love just fade away? Does it matter anyway?”

There's a nice groove created in the song and the melodic content is very strong. The groove will have you swaying and the hook will have you singing along. There's a nostalgic Beach Boys vibe - this is the kind of song where you can roll down your car window, turn the volume up, and sing your heart out.

Is the coronavirus ruining your travel plans? As a healthy alternative, allow Barry Rock to take your mind on a flight to nowhere as you enjoy a variety of in-flight textures, emotions, and masterful displays of musicianship. “Flight to Nowhere” will comfort you if you’re broken, and entertain you either way.

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