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Barry Rock - 'Anna'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Born and raised in New York, Barry Rock is a singer-songwriter who writes songs that stay with you long after you've heard them. Know for his catchy lyrics and melodies, Barry’s retro musical style was influenced by some of the best -- including, The Beatles, Billy Joel, The Beach Boys and The Cars, just to name a few. Barry majored in acting at community college and had also played in bands all throughout that time, steadily developing his own magnetic stage presence. He later went on to begin and manage his own DJ Entertainment Company. Moving out to Los Angeles (2008-2012), he incorporates the West Coast music vibe into his style. The song 'Anna' off his album Baby Blue showcases his signature appeal.

Right off the bat, the infectious song 'Anna' has a fun California rock n' roll vibe. It even starts with the memory of a pretty girl in LA. With a nostalgic arrangement the band plays slightly fuzzy guitars, crisp rockin' drums, and bass. A guitar solo shines through picking up on the song's catchy melodic content. The song was produced by legendary Mick James noted for his work with Criss Angel. Musicians include Barry Rock on lead vocals and guitar; Mick James on bass; Jimmy Sarles on lead guitar, and Lou Aguista from the Legendary Brooklyn Bridge on drums.

Entering the first verse, Barry has a golden guy vocal sound. You can hear his influences, The Beach Boys and the Beatles, in his style. His sound is care-free, youthful and fun. His clear tenor tone suits the music perfectly and listeners can clearly hear every word over the mix. "I can't forget, you were in from LA. That's the first time we met. I have to say all those miles between us won't keep me away." With the addition of backup harmonies, the song's tune is addictive and will have you swaying to the beat and singing along.

'Anna' is a song about falling in love with a girl who is unforgettable from the first time you see her. It's about being on fire for someone who you just can't get off your mind.

"Anna, your name burns through my soul. You're the best thing since rock n' roll."

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'Anna' was written about an unforgettable girl and it's an unforgettable song. With charming melodies, nostalgic harmonies, and a solid rock n' roll band, Barry Rock's song catalog puts him at the top of the California Beach rock'n roll sound with songs about falling in love with pretty girls and having fun times. "It's true. Baby, it's true."

For more music by Barry Rock, listen on Spotify.

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