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Barbara Teresa - "Just This One Time"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Just This One Time” is a delicate and beautiful piece of art. Teresa is angelic in her delivery, her vocal melodies seeming to float over the music. Interesting production techniques create an engaging sound, while intricate harmonic motion gives the music emotional depth. The song works with just acoustic guitar and lead vocal, but is elevated by backup vocals and support instruments. The dynamic build from beginning to end is masterfully done.

Lyrically, “Just This One Time” tells a tale as old as time…two strangers spending the night together.

“The touch of a hand on my spine Your drunken lips merge into mine Whatever is said, let’s keep it between you and I.”

The sweetness of the vocal delivery injects these lyrics with meaningful overtones.

“Don’t care if it’s just this one time Burn in my memory a moment we’re both meant to forget Diving headfirst into what we don’t know if tomorrow we’ll regret.”

The romance of the moment is contagious in this song,

The arrangement of “Just This One Time” is courageous and wise. The subtle additions and subtractions of instruments keep the music fresh and forward-moving. An extremely effective chorus is presented when least expected, making it even more impactful. A perfectly placed final hook ends the song, making listeners want to hear it again. A moving vocal performance elevates the song. Overall, “Just This One Time” is music with which you can fall in love.

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About Barbara Teresa

Barbara Teresa was born with an innate love and talent for the arts. The Caracas-born, LA-based 18-year-old started singing and playing piano in primary school, writing songs in her early teens, and teaching herself how to play guitar and ukulele in recent years.

Barbara always knew she wanted to dive into the world of music and entertainment, but her demanding studies and busy schedule made this nothing more than an out-of-reach dream. Set to head to Duke University in the fall of 2020, COVID travel restrictions along with many other factors persuaded the young musician to take a gap year, in turn kicking off her music career. Time in isolation helped Barbara explore herself as an artist. She spent most of her days writing songs, playing instruments, and teaching herself how to produce music.

Raised listening to a melting pot of artists, genres, and music from different periods, Barbara Teresa has found inspiration in every corner of the musical scene, and she always tries to bring elements of what she loves into her work. With that being said, Barbara’s songwriting and musical style is heavily influenced by Taylor Swift, Lorde, Phoebe Bridgers, and Gracie Abrams — four artists she looks up to tremendously. Barbara’s songs can be described as genre-blending pop. Her different works often nod at r&b, folk, rock, and other styles of music. Her lyrics delve into the subjects of teenage struggles, ranging from heartbreak to self-love, friendships, and more. Her sound is soft, fresh, and simplistic; her words sincere, clever, and poetic, igniting nostalgia for youthfulness in her listeners.


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