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Barbara Santora Jazz - “Sassy Bluez”

Review by Abby Kenna

“Sassy Bluez” by Barbara Santora Jazz lives on a jazz club stage. Its lush sonic palette pulls from the luxurious sensuality of velvet curtains and a captivated audience and keeps you infatuated with each new line.

The arrangement of “Sassy Bluez” portrays the song’s message even before the lyrics begin. Listeners are met with a whispery acoustic bass that plods along on a flirtatious stroll at the root of the track. A bold harmonica joins in, adding an element of risqué brightness as graceful brushed drums float beneath. Sitting at the center of the instrumentals is a lively grand piano – even while venturing into momentary solos and riffs, it outlines the progression of “Sassy Bluez.”

Barbara Santora’s vocals contribute largely to the spirit of this jazzy tune, purring with a signature depth and dynamic delivery. She cleverly places each word, sometimes adding a conversational murmur or sigh to a melody to emphasize the sultry, conversational tone of “Sassy Bluez.” Her resonant, expansive voice takes each line and allows it to blossom, embodying the meaning of the words in both sound and lyrics.

“You can beg until your face turns blue, but I don’t need another dance…”

A unique aspect of “Sassy Bluez” is the relationship between Santora and the cheeky grand piano that leads the instrumental arrangement. Although the piano works to support the talented singer, it maintains its own spotlight within the scope of the song. They take turns brandishing bluesy riffs, furthering the attitude of “Sassy Bluez”.

With daring lyrics, charismatic instrumentals, and Santora’s sultry vocal tone, “Sassy Bluez” is a flirt of a song – one you’ll be compelled to listen to on repeat.


About Barbara Santora Jazz

Barbara Santora was born to sing and has been singing her heart out since she was 3 years old! Barbara performed in Vegas for 14 years, sharing stages with greats such as Frank Sinatra Jr., Billy Preston, and more. She boasts an impressive 5-octave range that has garnered the attention of audiences worldwide.

"I believe you should never give up on your dreams! I’ve done many genres of music, but jazz and jazzy blues are where my heart is! Sassy Bluez is so special to me because although I’ve written a lot of poetry and many lyrics, this song is the first one I’ve actually heard a melody line! Very exciting, and already I’ve started on 2 more songs and hear the melodies as well."

- Barbara Santora

Barbara’s dedication and determination have been demonstrated throughout her career, perhaps never more so than in her tireless work to recover from a crushed ankle to get back on the stage. She now performs as Barbara Santora Jazz with her combo, which is available for private parties and corporate events, nightclubs, including out-of-town bookings! Her shows bring you jazz, originals, and timeless classics with a flare for love and laughter to audiences of all ages!

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