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  • Bryon Harris

Azalea - 'Come With Me'

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

Benjamin and Mia Hackett are an Australian/Canadian husband and wife musical collaborative known as Azalea. Their song "Come With Me" is a perfect way to get acquainted with the duo's undeniable chemistry and talent.

An ambient build drops us off at a steady beat led by banjo, paving the road for the rest of the mix to enter in "Come With Me." One can tell immediately that this song isn’t your run of the mill country tune. Ominous, emotional backing vocals indicate the powerful moods and sounds to come as Mia Hackett enters with her first verse.

Hackett’s voice is clear and smooth, capable of building up to a passionate roar in less than an instant. “Come With Me” treats the listener to a world of passionate, creative sounds epitomized in the fiery choruses featuring both Benjamin and Mia Hackett’s voices.

The song’s lyrics are just as creative as the music that they accompany. One might say that the imagery used in each phrase is the most important aspect of the lyrics, forming vibrant images in the listener’s mind that speak to the overall mood of the song. You are brought to another world entirely when you close your eyes and listen to the Azalea’s words.

“The blood, is up to my knees, by the dial at three I'm a dead man, hung on a tree Ransomed and bound, put in the ground Oh! will you come, will you find me?”

Azalea know what they’re doing, and have pulled off a musical masterpiece in “Come With Me”. The song will never grow old to you as every element of the composition holds vibrant intrigue. Whenever an artist or group like this comes along, you can be sure that there are hours of entertainment and inspiration in your immediate future.

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About Azalea

Husband and wife duo, Benjamin and Mia Hackett are Azalea. Azalea’s chemistry is undeniable - their stage presence is magnetic. To experience Azalea in concert is to be invited into their love story. They will will draw you in and pull on your hearts strings. Azalea will take you on an emotional rollercoaster as they move through their repertoire of simple & sweet love songs, then take you south with swampy tunes which are full of rich vocal harmony.

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