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  • Bryon Harris

Autumn Reverie - 'Speechless'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Speechless” is a driving and energetic track with intensity and a killer sound. Production values are sky high on this song which will have you on the edge of your seat. Intricate guitar melodies weave together with well-crafted vocal melodies to keep the song’s energy propelling forward. Hard rock at its finest, this is music that is intelligently composed yet raw enough to elicit a cathartic emotional response from listeners. The shredding vocals and high-energy rhythm section make this song a total winner.

Lyrically, “Speechless” is cutting and blunt.

“It's why I drink, to forget everything, until i'm left with nothing.”

Themes of addiction and conflict match the emotional tone of the music perfectly.

“A sickness from the past, has somehow since relapsed, a creature made to tear the fibers left of you and me.”

The intense vocal delivery does perfect justice to these haunting and exhausting lyrics.

The arrangement of “Speechless” is fantastic. A close listen will reveal intricacies from every angle, creating a clearly well-designed arc. The explosive drum track is phenomenal. The rhythm guitar parts add excitement to the music underneath an engaging and acrobatic lead vocal. The dynamic swells in this song are huge. Listeners will love taking the emotional ride which is offered by this high-quality piece of music. “Speechless” will have you amped up moving with the motion of the song.

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About Autumn Reverie

Autumn Reverie is an explosive melodic rock band straight out of the Midwest. Don't be mistaken, these guys are no corn peeling, tractor driving, country folk. They're here to split your face in three and leave your ears in place yearning for more. Although Autumn Reverie is no household name yet, they're catching the eyes of onlookers and turning heads in the rock music industry.

With their catchy grooves, great melodies, and powerful vocals, Autumn Reverie is grabbing audiences and bringing them to their feet for a high energy show that people won't stop talking about. A signature mix of the crunchy and melodic riffs from Ramon Morales and Justin Clay, supported by the punchy bass licks of Damien Smith and in your face drums of Zach Brassington, Autumn Reverie brings to the stage an all original sound that is sure to please your ears. And with the raw talent and range from singer Jake Ramos, you'll find yourself drawn in to the music leaving you with an imprint you're sure to take home.

Formed in Madison, WI, Autumn Reverie began writing and recording right out of the gate, with their first single "Rebuild". After a couple years of touring and building a fan base Autumn Reverie dropped there self titled EP in the fall 2018. Then 2019 and 2020 brought the release of two singles "Carmine" and "Stalemate" respectively, both gaining traction with fans via streaming and live shows. Finally, February 2021 brought us the release of their debut album "Twenty Twenty".

Autumn Reverie has had the privilege of sharing the stage with bands such as Eye Empire, Bush, Chevelle, Shinedown, Filter, Art of Dying, Bobaflex, and Otherwise. Autumn Reverie will look to continue their journey, branching out into more markets and building their fan base. Rock is alive, and they'll prove it.


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