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AntiFrantik - 'Parallax'

Review by Virginia Scott & Staff

Outer Space Smells Like Barbeque by Antifrantik is a conceptual album that tells the tale of a star-ship captain who must talk himself and his crew through the perils and triumphs of outer space. The message that is woven through the album is one of resilience. One must work to bounce back from failure with a healthy approach. Off the album, the single "Parallax" will keep you mesmerized from beginning to end. AntiFrantik is a versatile musician presenting multiple roles in “Parallax” as a performer, songwriter, producer, and mixing and mastering engineer. “Parallax” has a landscape that includes a sonic rap beat, four-part harmony in the chorus, electronic effects, and synthesizer. The song has highly inventive production value.

In “Parallax,” Antifrantik's doubled vocals, with echo and compression, create a nice space between lyrics. The euphoric and quantum space content is represented in the instrumentation, with synth effects, beat machine, and the use of symphonic bass. The toms and hi-hat are tight in the hits creating momentum in the chorus. “Parallax” has a reggae tone and uses trap beats with accompanied by tight hi-hat and high-pitched toms.

The rap flow is smooth and conveys dominants as the second vocals follow with high energy. The reflective lyrics are engaging.

“All we gotta achieve is lying in front of us on a platter. It’s time we get to eating every atom of matter, ’Til the entropy’s here to stay.”

The vivid imagery showcases the subconscious world that we have not awakened to yet.

“Still feeling the pressure to assimilate until we’re in a grave, But I’mma cherish that and view through many different angles of parallax.”

“Parallax” is about interfacing with consciousness and the divergent paths of life. Can we reflect and see the different perspectives and outcomes of our lives? The song dives deep into this complex subject matter with an insightful, introspective viewpoint on life.

And ultimately, there is hope.

"So now it's hard for me to illustrate just how much the hope led the way. Up the mountain and out of the valley, bringing only drastic change for the finale."

AntiFrantik's songwriting is compelling and stimulating. In "Parallax,"Antifrantik stands above par with non-conformist, intelligent and thoughtful lyrics, creative imagery and storytelling, and pristine production skills. AntiFrantik breaks boundaries and takes music to a creative and unique level that is simply out of this world.


About Antifrantik

AntiFrantik hails from the "North end of the city" and his deep and rugged tonality leaves the impression that he may feel more comfortable in battle than in North York. AntiFrantik is not your average rapper. His voice, when partnered with his orchestral and often euphonic production represents an acute dichotomy. His lyricism boasts a broad diversity as he dips into everything from profound storytelling to sincere stream-of-conscious.

AntiFrantik’s blends smooth and classic jazz standards with gritty and anarchic saw-tooth synthesis. It is not uncommon to find booming metallic drums accompanied by classical strings and piano; or doomy, overdriven bass mixed with angelic, gospel vocal-hooks. His works draw inspiration from anime, Afro-culture, politics and fashion - aptly-doused in metaphor and delivered with his signature straight-eights and double-time flow.

AntiFrantik is a multi-talented artist who refuses to limit himself to the single facet of MCing. When he isn’t painting vivid scenes over crisp, dark production or sculpting conceptual hip-hop symphonies; he is directing music videos for fellow artist’s around the city, participating in The Lateshift Cypher, avidly supporting local talent, collaborating with controversial fashion designers or smoking a blunt while revisiting his J Dilla collection.

For more information, please visit AntiFrantik on Bandcamp.

Listen on Spotify.

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