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Annemarie Picerno - 'Thank You'

Review written by Matt Wong & Staff

“Thank You” is country-gospel song by singer-songwriter Annemarie Picerno. Both the lyrics and the music were written by Picerno. The song was produced by Bob McGilpin. "Thank You" begins with slide guitar, mandolin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass and drums. The tasteful slide guitar pulls at your heartstrings, anticipating the song's poignant message.

Picerno’s down-to-earth, rich vocals commence singing a highly memorable melody. Annemarie is supported predominately by the acoustic guitar, and the mandolin playing beautiful lines, arpeggios, and fills, each complementing each other, but more importantly both perfectly support Picerno’s made-for-country, radio-ready, rich vocals.

The dynamic level is then raised slightly in the second verse with the arrangement beefed up with more drum presence, and with the slide guitar sneaking in here and there for nuance. The song’s chorus features more electric guitar fills and nice background vocals, in addition to Picerno’s robust vocal performance. All these elements meld together to form a perfect arrangement for the song, grabbing the listener’s attention from the start and pulling them into the song, phrase after phrase.

Annemarie shines gloriously in the moving chorus as she sings,

And I pray that this world finds love and peace, and I pray we'll all be safe and free. And I pray for my friends and family and I pray we'll join together thanks is always better Thank you....

They lyrics in “Thank You” were written to remind us to be grateful. Despite having everyday struggles, Picerno wants us to remember to be thankful for the good things in life that we are fortunate to have. The opening words feel like a prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving:

Thank you for the breath I have today / Thank you for the will I have to pray / Thank you for the food I had to eat / Thank you for the place I had to sleep.

Annemarie sings about how although she has “survived the dark storms,” she has also “felt the joy, and seen the light of day.” This universal message speaks kindly to our common human experience and reminds us that the sun always rises.

“Thank You” by Annemarie Picerno is a well written and beautifully performed song that has an exquisite melody and deeply-felt, meaningful lyrics performed by a singer, Annemarie Picerno, who knows was gratitude is all about - you can hear it in her expressive interpretation.

With “Thank You,” Picerno shows off her exceptional songwriting prowess as well has her powerhouse vocals and undeniable talent as a performer. Listen to "Thank You" by Annemarie Picerno - you'll be grateful for her gift, inspired by her lyrics, and moved by her performance.

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About Annemarie Picerno

Annemarie Picerno is an entertainer and songwriter in Nashville,Tennessee with an extensive performing background. Over her career, Annemarie has performed in dinner theaters, bands in every genre of music: ( country, pop, rock, motown, blues, & jazz ) comedy shows, improv troupes, Disney World, Busch Gardens, and traveled professionally.

She has also performed on television, commercials and film and combines all these experiences in her stage performances. Every song created on a 35 year old classic Washburn guitar, her diverse musical sounds mix country, pop, blues, soul, and rock.

Her signature style crosses over several musical genres from traditional country and beautiful harmonies to powerful belt vocals telling stories of her musical journey, trials, and love in her "Songs From Nashville" with lyrics of passion and humor.


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