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  • Bryon Harris

Anker - 'Moments'

Written by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Anker's moving and uplifting song "Moments" opens with a deep drum drum roll quickly followed by flowing acoustic guitar strumming, keys, and a supportive steady bass. Delicate melodic riffs are placed tastefully. The musical landscape is inviting as the musicians create a gentle, light sway throughout the well-conceived track that mixes Americana, folk and folk-pop with ease.

Anker enters singing "Somewhere in a moment of laughter lies just the right amount of despair." In this first verse, his voice is tender as he sings about the complexities of emotion that can be experienced in a single moment. Anker's vocal performance is incredible. He sings with confidence and passion without ever pushing too hard or going over the top. It sounds as though the vocal phrasing simply flows out of him naturally. His tone is very easy on the ears: smooth, warm and down-to-earth. The pre-chorus builds very nicely to the dynamic and highly contagious chorus

which is truly the highlight of this song as it elevates and moves your soul. Anker has written a song that shows just how powerful music can be. When a song can change your mood, lift your spirits, empower and enlighten you, and make you feel like you just heard something that has changed your attitude or brightened your day - that is a huge artistic contribution. The chorus of "Moments" accomplishes all this and more with a melody and lyrics that give you something to think about.

Where does it go when you turn around? Where do these moments go? Rise up – make it everlasting Rise up – everyday.

"Moments" explores the concept of life's puzzle pieces. Some pieces are positive and some our negative. Sometimes we have a choice in the matter and sometimes we don't, but we always have a choice in our reactions and how we appreciate the lessons and experiences of each moment. What we do and how we live each moment is all we have. Together, all these moments make up a life and they are gone all too fast. Anker also sings about the wisdom of holding onto the things you are certain of. "Tighten your hold on a sure thing even if you want to let go." Notable moments in the song include the great use of background vocals to enhance the chorus. The use of background vocals has a choir-like effect that gives the song it's sing-along quality. One can hear influences ranging from Bruce Springsteen and Cat Stevens. In "Moments" Anker has written an exuberant and life-affirming song that will capture your heart and your ears. Displaying deft songwriting skills in the highly memorable, catchy chorus, passionate and expressive vocals that retain their inviting and down-to-earth quality, tight musicianship with excellent background vocals, "Moments" is a musical moment to treasure and experience over and over again. Listen on Soundcloud

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About Anker

Anker is an acoustic rock singer and songwriter. He is the recipient of an Akademia music award for "Best Americana CD." called his 3rd CD an “earnest, intimate … runaway hit album.” Anker is also a three-time nominee for the New Jersey Acoustic Music Awards. Anker brings a confidence and a positive energy to the stage with music rooted in the finest Americana based pop/rock genre. Comparisons to other artists have included Eddie Vedder, Tom Petty, Paul Thorn & Bruce Springsteen. Anker has an extensive catalog of original songs and also plays unique cover songs not heard often by other acts.

For more information on Anker, please visit his website.

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