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Anker - "Alone In The Dark"

Reviewed by Francesca Londono

"Alone in the Dark" by Anker brings the nostalgia of an 80s rock classic. The groovy baselines and the synth arpeggios take you back to that era. The verse comes in strong with a rhythmically catchy melody. Then the powerful chorus comes in with some beautiful high melodic notes that hit home. Then a musical interlude comes right after the hook with a gorgeous round synth patch sustaining some lush chords. The synth arpeggios shine through during the bridge with an impeccable tone.

A surprising section happens in the song's outro with a beautiful guitar melody and some nice distortion that adds a more rocking timbre to the record. Then, the synth pad joins the guitar and adds a beautiful, round element to the outro. I love how the guitar fades out at the end of the song.

Anker's vocals are superb. He has a similar tone to John Mayer, a rich baritone voice that captures some flattering frequencies. You can hear the power in his voice. He has a unique style to his singing that has character. You can feel the emotion that he brings in every line. I specifically love when he sings the chorus, it pulls you into the song.

With all the happy musical elements this song has, it talks about a heartbreaking subject. Opening with the hard-hitting line, "Wish I was a bird that could fly up to heaven just to rest in your arm," indicates that this person has lost someone dear to their life. It also captures such beautiful imagery picturing a bird flying up to heaven. In the chorus, he says "The stars & sky tell us what we already know I'm not gonna think of what I had years ago I don't wanna keep getting hit so hard I don't wanna be alone in the dark".

Such powerful lyrics sum up the meaning of the song. It has a lovely rhyme pattern to it that sticks with you. Overall this song was compelling in many different ways and very beautifully written.


About Anker

Anker's music exists in 2 creative worlds. Anker is a solo acoustic rock act in the live setting. In the studio, he creates full-band music that spreads across labels such as Americana or modern rock. In order to get both right, he rehearses regularly for his 2 biggest critics, rescued pitties Harrison & Karmella. Their canine instincts always point to a great song.

Anker has been an opening act for Vinny Martell (Vanilla Fudge), Richard Barone (The Bongos) & also opened for a "Words & Music" evening with Darryl McDaniels (RUN-D.M.C.). Anker has what it takes to entertain a diverse audience & be a fine representation of indie-charm.

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