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Angel (Diary of an Outlaw) - 'Small Town Heartbreak'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Hailing from Hollywood, California, ANGEL was raised in two opposite spheres - on the streets of Detroit and on a farm in Michigan. Today, his music captures the grit and guts of both landscapes. Angel's many artistic gifts include singing, songwriting, screen play writing, photography, cinematography and directing. Angel is also known as a fearless poet. Whether he is scripting a movie or singing, he delves deep into what lies under the skin of life and human connections, and in doing so he creates music and art that moves his audience.

A heartbroken man tells his story of loss in the rock ballad, “Small Town Heartbreak”, performed by Angel (Diary of an Outlaw). A gorgeous and haunting ambient sound in the background along with simple rock beats introduce Angel's heavy, raspy vocals.

"I don't know how to start this,

I wrote you a letter today, You know I don't feel many things, but I got a lot to say."

The distorted electric guitar screeches during the chorus as the rhythmic beat continues supporting the melancholy and melodic piano. The arrangement, with the combination of punk, grunge, rock, and country styles, sets the song up flawlessly.

A beautiful depiction of his love for his wife, and a reminder to cherish the people close to us, "Small Town Heartbreak" captures the essence of love and loss and dreams cut too short. Life can be bittersweet, as the lyrics tell us in this memoir. Angel is an exceptional songwriting who writes a strong hook that gets under your skin and sinks into your soul.

“See was just a Big City Girl,

Livin' in my Small Town World,

Some dreams they fall apart,

and they break your Heart.”

Diary of an Outlaw are gritty musicians who are authentically themselves and know how to depict emotion in the context of great rock music. The gritty vocals and tragic lyrics will touch your heart. Angel’s somber lyrics and production are intense. The mix is flawless. The use of echo effect on the vocals, with ethereal sound effects in the background, gives guts to the song. You can hear the skill as well as the soul that went into writing "Small Town Heartbreak."

“Small Town Heartbreak” is Angel's heart-wrenching tribute to his late wife who passed of breast cancer. All proceeds from the song will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Society to help support the fight.

For more information about ANGEL (Diary of An Outlaw), please visit his website.

Listen on Spotify.

Visit ANGEL'S YouTube Video Channel.


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