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Angel Baribeau - 'Wish We Were Older'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

Queer, non-binary, singer-songwriter Angel Baribeau is no stranger to success. Originally from Cree community of Misstissini, Quebec, and now residing in Montreal, Baribeau quickly gained momentum as a solo artist in 2014 when they were selected to be featured on the first ever compilation album created by N’we Jinan; a travelling music studio program. Eeyou Istchee Volume 1 shot to number one on iTunes chart the first day it was released and received substantial media attention across the nation. Since then Baribeau has gone on to be featured on an array of artists’ tracks and has performed across the country. Most notable was their performance at We Day Montreal to a crowd of over 2,000 people. Currently Baribeau is promoting their debut solo album For Those I Love(d), released on July 24th, 2020. Their debut single “Love Is Up The River” is charted in the top 10 songs on the NCI FM National Indigenous Music Countdown and has grown their Spotify to 5000+ Monthly Listeners. Ultimately, Baribeau’s goal is to be a change maker. They feel a responsibility to pursue their talent to create more representation in the scene, recognizing that there are very few people in the industry that look like and identify as they do. Their latest single, "Wish We Were Older" showcases Angel's creativity and appeal.

As the bass beat hits on one and acoustic guitar gradually builds the lusty melody, Angel Baribeau’s pop ballad “Wish You Were Older” from the album For Those I Love(d), speaks to the heart. Angel's radio-ready and vibrant vocals resonate over the humming of the whirling ambient effects that are layered over drums and synthesized bass.

The chorus to "Wish We Were Older" builds up to bridge, with heavy synth bass and distorted electric guitar, as the background vocals layer over the lead vocals. Joey Langlois gave the song its pristine and explosive sound.

Lyricist Angel depicts the erratic passions of young love. There is pure admiration, which floods the heart, but a fear of commitment that creates a waiting game. Angel sings in the second verse: “Already nineteen, no use in hiding. You tell me you love me, raising my heartbeat, but your mind’s not made up. What are you afraid of? It’s hard to be waiting, is this how it has to be?” Electronic and synth beats, hypnotic rhythms, and atmospheric effects, intensify their pop ethereal style and vivacious vocals. Moving forward, Angel intensely sings the songs well-written, catchy chorus:

“I want you, and I want you tonight. I’ll love you, For the rest of my life. I can’t wait for the day to arrive. We all want to be younger, but I wish we were older.”

“Wish You Were Older” was creatively produced, brilliantly written, and dynamically performed. Angel's outstanding vocal talent is full of magnetic energy. They are a sensational songwriter and musician who knows how to draw in an audience with a lively and robust arrangement, universal hook, and captivating performance. Angel is an extraordinary and unconventional artist, and their song, "Wish You Were Older", is chart-worthy.

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