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Andy Michaels - 'Incendiary Heart' feat. Tiarna Madison

Andy Michaels is an adult-contemporary/ pop singer-songwriter. Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Andy Michaels delivers highly memorable songs with keen sense of melody and poignant lyrics to create a mesmerizing music experience. After suffering an incapacitating car accident in his later teens, Andy picked up a guitar and from within a spark ignited. The rest is history as he has written over 100 songs that have been in radio rotation around the world, garnishing stellar reviews and a worldwide following. A great way to get acquainted with Andy's undeniable talent is to check out his new single, "Incendiary Heart."

"Incendiary Heart" starts with a charming introduction of arpeggios on the piano and muted ukulele-like chords on the upbeat to create a musical arrangement reminiscent of a nostalgic music box or a ticking heart.

Tiarna Madison enters singing with a pure and beautiful tone that will give you chills and move your soul. Her voice can stand side-by-side with artists like Adele. She is radio-ready and her expressive and soulful singing is perfectly suited for Andy's lyrics.

"All those who love you are beautiful, remember you are always loved. There is a space in your garden for all of us. All we need to do is enter and shine."

As the arrangement progresses, the mix builds with electronic embellishments and very tasteful orchestration including melodic and legato strings that stir the soul. As the chorus is realized, the arrangement moves into a nice pop groove. The upbeat vibe is exhilarating and uplifting.

"Let the love of your life live a lifetime of love. Let in the love of your life. "

Andy Michaels dazzles and delights in "Incendiary Heart" with a song that is much like the artist who wrote it - it starts with a spark that is ignited within and grows into a musical fire that lights up the heart of the world.

For more information on Andy Michaels, please visit his website.

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