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Andy Lugo - 'Stay'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Stay” is an indie rock hit that is mellow and slick. There is something really enticing and easily accessible about this song. It calls back to bands from the early 2000’s, thriving in the small band setup with really powerful vocals. “Stay” is decidedly very chill, and it really helps the vocals remain the focal point. The melodies are all very catchy and Andy Lugo’s voice is sure to impress you.

Lyrically, Andy Lugo is singing about times when you may really want someone to stay, despite the fact that they are really no good for you. There are often many reasons why a person may do this. This kind of attraction can often be a dangerous addiction, which is perfectly reflected in Lugo’s lyrics. “Cause I don’t know how it’s gonna play, feels like we’re fighting every day, I’ll give anything to get you to stay.” The lyrics are written in such a way that have a subtle emotional element. The chorus sections have really nice background vocal lyrics that add this extra layer. “I already miss you.” This kind of thing can be both fun and frustrating, and Lugo’s lyrics aptly bring both of these sides to light.

The arrangement of “Stay” is very light and calm, providing just enough support for the vocals to shine. The guitars begin the song with a simple but really catchy groove, utilizing the clean guitar sound. Adding some low-end depth is the bass guitar which mostly doubles the rhythm of the guitar riff, creating a unified movement between the instruments. The drums sound really great, not playing too hard but they still have a really prominent and thick sound.

Soaring high above these instruments are Andy Lugo’s vocals, which effortlessly go from soft tones to a really growly and dirty sounding tone in the chorus sections. “Stay” is a fun and easily relatable indie rock jam that leaves a lasting impression.

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About Andy Lugo

Andy Lugo has hit the scene running with his fresh upbeat style of pop and rock with just a dash of hip hop here and there. Andy found his love for music at an early age when he first bought the Marshal Mathers, LP. His dad heard the record, then immediately crushed the CD with his bare hands, but that did not stop Andy.

Soon thereafter, Andy picked up the guitar and began studying the greats like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more. He fell in love with songs that told stories and songs that made him feel happy, and since Andy himself is a generally happy, upbeat guy, he decided to make his music reflects that.


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