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Andrew Moorer - “Good Ol’ Days”

Reviewed by Aaron Cloutier

Pining themes of carefree nostalgia and dreamy reminiscences are captured, distilled, and wrapped into a high-energy pop-rock casing that is “Good Ol’ Days” by singer/songwriter, Andrew Moorer.

The more times that I listen to this, the more I see images of trailers to “Full House” and “Perfect Strangers” get conjured up in my mind. I mean that as a compliment by the way! The record is up-beat, catchy, and has a nostalgic feeling. I think it’s a testament to the impressive level of craft that’s gone into the writing as well as the production of the song.

Structurally, there is zero fat on “Good Ol’ Days”. Moorer doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to setting up the story and getting straight to the hooks which are both huge and plentiful. Muted arpeggiated guitar chords and whispered vocals awash in reverb set the stage as the verses spill into an escalating pre-chorus. By this time, the bass and drums join the fold as the arrangements are peppered with sparse lead guitar lines.

The pre-chorus then erupts into a massive 80’s style chorus complete with electronic drums, keys, dirty rock guitars, and soaring vocals. The keys remind me of something reminiscent of Bruce Springsteen's vibe and stick out to my ear. That all said, it’s the vocals that shine throughout the piece. Moorer’s voice is pristine and expressive. He sings with genuine emotion that to me, feels almost palpable. The “I would” at the end of the chorus is such a great hook. So so catchy!

Despite all that’s going on at this point, it never feels cluttered sonically and my attention always gets reeled back into the story of a drive down memory lane as Moorer looks back fondly on his college days.

I think this lyric says it best.

“Just got out of work in Newark, Delaware

I’m on my way home, no need to be anywhere

On north 295, about to pass my college exit

I’m in no hurry, so why don’t I just take it?”

Great imagery going on here!

Though every section of the song well done, I think my favorite part about the is the bridge. Layers of vocal harmonies are stacked to create a choir-like effect and Moorer’s use of falsetto shines here.

Engineered by TJ Young, the mix is very bright with a good separation of elements. All the instruments are very well balanced and represented. The sound gives a spot-on impression of the ’80s to early 90’s vibe so I highly recommend watching a montage of the aforementioned TV show trailers on mute with this playing in the background to get what I think to be the full effect. You’ll be glad you did.

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About Andrew Moorer

Philadelphia-based singer/musician Andrew Moorer has been known to enthrall and enliven audiences with his unique arrangements, very engaging stage presence, and outstanding singing voice. Since 2016, he has managed to pay his bills as a working musician and has shared stages with artists including Cade and Mike Posner. Combining his classical routes and musical influences (including Bruno Mars, Elton John, John Mayer, and The Beatles), the young artist brings so much enlightenment everywhere he performs.


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