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  • Bryon Harris

Andrew Moore – "Candlelight"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Candlelight” is an intricate and beautiful piece of music. The easy feeling of this music cleverly disguises the complexity of its melody and harmony. Captivating performances from every direction supplement strong writing and arranging ideas. The emotional climax hits like a truck, delivering a powerhouse chorus in a wonderfully delicate package. This bold artistic statement is dense and concise, yet it maintains an airy, hypnotic feeling.

Lyrically, “Candlelight” paints a romantic picture.

“Candlelight, Dancing like a firefly, On such a perfect night, I’m about to make it right.”

The effortless delivery of these lyrics elevates the song’s message and lures listeners into its meaning.

“I just wanna be, Where you are, I just wanna see, Can I hold you so close that you melt on my clothes? That you melt on my clothes.”

These lyrics seem to spill out of the air and combine seamlessly with the music.

The arrangement of “Candlelight” shows brilliance and conviction. A drone keeps the song anchored while ornate melodies from the guitar weave together with the vocal melody perfectly. Expertly delivered harmony vocals and a heart-wrenching chord progression allow the chorus to deliver a powerful message. Subtle keyboard, piano, and bass notes push the music forward while virtuosic guitar and vocal performances establish an undeniable creative vision. A truly excellent song, well done.


About Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore is a guitarist from Moncton, New Brunswick. After receiving his credentials at the Los Angeles College of Music, Andrew wrote, recorded and mixed his debut album ‘MOTH’. Within a year after its release, Andrew was pulled into the music scene in Asia and performed internationally with multi-award winning and platinum record selling artists such as Dimash Kudaibergenov (America’s Got Talent), Jolin Tsai and Kris Wu.

Andrew has since returned to Canada to focus on his own music. In April of 2022 he released his newest record, “Soul Echo” and is currently performing live with both his blues rock trio and also solo.

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