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Andrea Plamondon – ‘The Departed’

Written by Matt Wong & Staff

“The Departed” is a deeply moving song performed by classically trained genre bending, singer and original songwriter, Andrea Plamondon who was in the final Grammy nominations ballots twice. The song begins with a clarinet feature, supported by vibraphone, high strings playing pads, and the cello playing pizzicato notes on the downbeats.

Plamondon’s pristine and exciting vocals enter in on the first verse. The arrangement grows through additive orchestration in the pre-chorus, which gradually offers the listeners slightly more and more harmonic nuggets before arriving at the chorus with a cymbal swell.

The chorus of "The Departed" blooms with the introduction of percussion. The orchestration for this song is truly beautiful, and it perfectly frames Plamondon’s exceptionally well and appropriately produced vocals. Her powerful performance gives you chills.

The lyrics in “The Departed” are a celebration of the present, as well as the spirit world of dreams. They are very metaphorical, and listeners should listen intently to process the meaning behind the poetic words.

“I will not be frightened of dragons, I will not be left behind, I will touch you, I will hold you.”

“The Departed” as performed by Andrea Plamondon is an example of excellence in singing, interpretation, orchestration and musicianship. Plamondon not only has a stellar voice, but she has a talent with expressive lyricism and musical nuance that fuels her performance. Shout out to Connor Hutton on a fantastic production.

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About Andrea Plamondon

Andrea Plamondon was told early in her career that her voice would land her leading roles in the Metropolitan Opera. But the artists first love was creating and performing original music. The mercurial singer has fronted bands in San Francisco with styles ranging from rock to opera to Middle Eastern, and played leading roles in theatrical productions on the east and west coasts.

Plamondon's songs songs and collaborations have received favorable reviews and have been aired on internet and FM stations around the globe, including Hard Rock cafes from Mumbai to Delhi. Prior to relocating to the Bay Area Plamondon had been attending 'Massachusetts College of Art’ on a full scholarship, when the suicide of her only brother, an actor and graduate of Boston University, sent her in an entirely different direction. That direction would include hitch hiking across two continents, a degree in Poetics, and a dedication to classical vocal training.

One of the singers most intriguing efforts to date, is a collaboration with rapper and Hip-Hop artist, Terbleos of Ghana Africa. Their song 'No One' was originally released as the first track on Woa’ Records’ The Goa Chillout Zone volume 5., produced by MTV Europe Music Awards nominee and Platinum selling artist Oliver Sean.

On the Classical side, three songs co-written with Irish film composer and orchestrator, Connor Hutton (who has assisted Academy Award winning directors Ridley Scott, Peter Pau and others) are featured on the artists upcoming EP 'Songs For Forever.'   The first track on the album ‘Only Eden’ was included in the 61st Grammy Nominations Ballots on Independent no1s 'Acoustic Special for the categories Best Album of the Year and Best Americana. The sixth track, Dreams (deluxe version) was included in the 62nd Grammy Nomination ballots on Independent no1s, 'Break Through Artists' for Album of the Year. ‘Dreams’ was also chosen for National Indie Radio (WNIR)’s BEST Songs of 2019 Radio Special. Plamondon is currently working on a music film shot in the outback of Arizona .


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