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Andrea J. Plamondon and Terblelos - 'Dreams'

Classically trained, and an expert at creating music that breaks down genre boundaries, Andrea Plamondon is an artist to watch in 2020. She has fronted various San Francisco bands and ensembles, with styles ranging from rock to opera to Middle Eastern. Her songs and collaborations have received favorable reviews and have aired on internet and FM stations around the globe, including Hard Rock cafes from Mumbai to Delhi. On the Classical side, three songs co-written with Irish film composer and orchestrator, Connor Hutton (who has assisted Academy Award winning directors Ridley Scott, Peter Pau and others) are featured on the artists upcoming album 'Songs For Forever.'

The sixth track off her album ‘Only Eden’ titled "Dreams" was included in the 62nd Grammy nomination ballot. The song, featuring a collaboration with rapper Terbleos of Ghana Africa, is a great way to get acquainted with Andrea's exceptional talent.

Andrea J. Plamondon's and Terblelos's “Dreams” is an inspiring and multi-layered electronic pop and rap fusion song. The intro starts with a sharp beat, eclectic guitar, and heavy synthesizer bass effects. The vocals come in on the beat with a euphoric and atmospheric tone. The echoing and doubling effects on the vocals enhance the beat and add an ombre effect on the melody.

After Andrea’s verse, Terblelos raps his smooth lyrical rap line which amps the beat as she sings the harmonies in the chorus. The beautiful vocals, lyrics, and music by Andrea are performed and executed very well and Terblelos' inspiring bars provide a groovy, funky, and hypnotic flow to the song. The pristine and marvelous production by Jared Arnold has an exceptional tone and sound.

“Dreams” was inspired by the belief that dreams are an unseen force that is prevalent in one's life. There isn't a thing wrong in believing in your dreams. During the chorus, the smooth and atmospheric vocals sing:

“Dreams they will come true if you believe they would always come true. Dreams they will come true if you believe they will come true.”

Then in the rap section is where it breaks down the impact that a dream is not a fantasy, but obtainable.

“Try to catch ideas to inspire, without you can’t inquire. It’s a fantasia that makes you perspire, at any time can expire, our secret will transpire. Sorry for the badass attire. Don’t want to spew any comment. The word for it is rapprochement to accomplish your life fulfillment, safffra...”

Andrea’s and Terblelos' ability to write such an inspiring song showcases their extraordinary style and artistry.

Andrea and Terblelos created an inspiring song that speaks about how dreams can come true. Their music ability and artistry are extraordinary and unconventional; their sound is at once clean and crisp, fun and effortless, complex and mesmerizing. The hypnotic beat and atmospheric effects intensify the music and Andrea’s vocals soar. Both writers earn the title of "artist" and their song “Dreams” reminds you that it's worth believing in yourself and your dreams in life.

For more information, please visit Andrea's website.

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