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  • Bryon Harris

Anana Kaye & Rosemary Fossee - "Anyone But You"

Witten by Brandon Watts & Staff

Anana Kaye is a Nashville based Indie Alt-Americana artist who is originally from the Republic of Georgia. Rosemary Fossee is an actor and singer based out of Nashville. Currently, Kaye and Fossee have teamed up to bring you the amazing duet that is "Anyone But You."

“Anyone But You” is a delightful trip back to the days of old-timey female duet ballads. The record features a playful arrangement of bouncing basslines bolstered by tight percussion that follows along while accents of electric guitar fill in the gaps.

At the start of the song, the duo exchange verses through sultry phrases with a bit of a jazzy flare that will surely enrapture listeners in their lush timbre as they tell their love story. Each artist has a character. Kaye's voice is eccentric and edgy while Fossee has a smooth and subdued sound. There is no denying that their two voices are magical together.

The arrangement gradually fills in with gorgeous piano accents that glisten through the mix. Upon reaching the chorus, Kaye and Fossee join together in light harmony on the melody over layers of background vocals as they sing,

“But any fool can see That you and I were meant to be Through all the agony you put me through And I cannot pretend this love would ever end And I could be with anyone but you.”

The sweet melodic phrases make for easy listening and a soothing sound you won’t want to take your ears from. Continuing this theme, a trombone slides in after the chorus for a relaxing solo before easing back into the hook.

Anana Kaye and Rosemary Fossee are an excellent duo who deliver a dynamic vocal performance. Their two very distinct voices keep your ears locked in. Borrowing from the past, this charming and multi-dimensional song was well-conceived from beginning to end. Filled with nuance, a bit of humor, tenderness, and old-fashioned thematic material, "Anyone But You" is a reminder that love transcends our day-to-day lives.

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