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  • Bryon Harris

Analog Kid - 'Quarantine With Me'

Analog Kid is an American 4-piece pop, indie- alternative group hailing from Northern Michigan. Writing powerful and catchy pop songs with twists of reggae, doo-wop and old country, Analog Kid mixes in everything from 80s synths and 50s guitars to hip hop samples.  With vocalist Alex Grubaugh's high, smooth voice, Analog Kid combines all of this into a sound reminiscent of bands like FUN,  MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK and JIMMY EAT WORLD. The band takes great pride in being completely self-reliant. Along with writing and performing their music, Analog Kid also records, mixes and masters everything in their personal recording studios. As well as produce our their own video cone tent. Because of this work ethic and in house approach, the band has managed to write and record a full album's worth of material in early 2020, including their first single "Time Bomb".

Currently, “Analog Kid” has just releases an infectious, up-beat record that we can all relate to during these times, “Quarantine With Me.” Opening with a quick riff on guitar that immediately leads into a full blown twangy arrangement of bouncing bass, crunchy guitars, and tight drumming, this tune does not hesitate to captivate its listeners with good vibes.

The vocals enter gently floating in the center of the mix bolstered by light layers of harmony that listeners will love. "Nicotine, dopamine, amphetamines, Covid- quarantine. PUlling up the anchors, setting sail like nothing new it seems." As the song progresses, more layers of background vocals fill in the soundscape with choral “aahs” and accents of quick guitar riffs fill in small gaps adding more flavor to the lush arrangement. Then, as the vocals drop out, smooth sax takes the spotlight with grooving, melodic riffs that really drive the energy of the song.

About halfway through this killer, quarantine jam, the energetic arrangement breaks down leaving just light percussion. Slowly, the instrumental section is built upon, first the light strumming of chords, then come back the thick, bouncing bass-line. Soon, backing vocals panned across the stereo image add melodic harmony as the drums get more and more intense before the lead vocals break in with an awesome belt that brings an explosion of energy.

"Quarantine with Me" is about missing somebody during social distancing. "And there's so many reasons why I start to miss you, like butterflies and kisses..." It's a song about love, and the thoughts that come to mind when Covid-19 looms. It's about missing someone's touch and holding your true love. And as the world is darkening, the desire to be quarantining with that person.

If you are stuck inside and looking for a song that will boost you up with a theme you can relate to right now, "Quarantine with Me" is the song. With "its easily relatable theme, highly melodic content and compelling arrangement, from start to finish, “Quarantine With Me” is the 'social distancing' song of the year!

Check out another great tune by Analog Kid, "Time Bomb"

Listen to Analog Kid on Spotify.


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