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  • Bryon Harris

Almshouse – ‘October Song’

Review Written by Matt Wong & Staff

“October Song” is a ballad by the rock band Almshouse. The song begins with synth, guitars, bass, and drums setting up a hypnotic vibe. The song is cleverly composed, and revolves around two chords in E minor in the A section, which keeps the listener in a trance-like feeling. Clearly an intelligent group of musicians, the band provides a lift in the B section of the song by not only modulating, and changing keys, but by doing a complete 180 on the listener by borrowing chords from D minor, only to resolve to the major key, thus breaking the listener out of the trance, and giving them a pleasant surprise.

The vocals, sung by Irene Lambrou, are top notch, and her band-mates, Troy Schoenmeir, Tony Winkler, Ken Belli, James Farrell, and Bud Burroughs, show off their instrumental prowess with effectively arranged and played parts. The song features quality production work that enhances the song’s character and vibe.

The lyrics of “October Song” were inspired by the experiences of having insomnia, the sad inevitability of passing time, and fading love. With the song’s lyrics, the band chooses to see the positive outcomes behind these experiences. When one is up all night, they can “see the high October moon,” and hear tranquil sounds of the night. In addition, the band sings of the magic of unmet romantic expectations, as if one is loved like they have “always dreamed, there would be love without the mystery.”

“October Song” by Almshouse is a well written and well performed song. The song exhibits a level of musical sophistication that is rarely heard in most of the market’s current pop/rock selections, but still remains accessible to the everyday music enthusiasts. The members of Almshouse are masters of their craft, and are building momentum and interest for their unique sound.


About Almhouse

Almshouse plays original rock that might remind you of classic 1970's flavored singer-songwriter fare. The band’s 2016 full-length release “Bitter Thing”  flirted with Americana while displaying a slight progressive tinge, and the prog-rock tendency arises again in their newest release “October Song.” The Almshouse trademark -- dual electric guitar leads that wrap harmonically around each other -- is used to powerful effect in the band's 2018 single, “Gaslight” and also in 2019's “Cups (20,000 Sunsets)” and both songs have well-received videos playing on youtube. 

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